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Get Into It with Marion Witz

Marion Witz is getting into it! She sat down with The Shopping Channel for a candid interview about being a mother, an entrepreneur, and life working with Elizabeth Grant. From turning 60 years-old to climbing a mountain in Peru, Marion is sharing her insights, interests, and all she’s learned over the years!

Q: What’s new and exciting in the Elizabeth Grant Collection for Summer Beauty this year?

A: For Summer Beauty this year we have together created the most incredible product called SOS Rescue Cream. It’s specifically formulated to help the skin cope with the environmental damage. Let’s face it, it’s very hot and we are outside now so our bodies are outsides…our skin is going to be stressed that much more. Well that’s our exciting new product for summer!

Q: What’s your best Summer Beauty tip?

A: One of the things that women should always know is to stay out of the sun – and that’s really difficult, especially in the summer! Wear a sunscreen if you’re outside and get your colour from bronzing products. There are so many beautiful bronzing products today! At one stage bronzing products would make you look streaky and yellow. But today with the technology, when you put a good bronzer on your body, your body looks bronzed and it looks lovely! That’s where we should get our colour from, not from the sun!

Q: What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned as an entrepreneur and what advice do you have for others who are interested in starting their own business?

A: When Elizabeth and I started the company – I think it was 1998 or 1999, we were very naive about everything. We started the business in my basement and it grew from there. People often ask me what advice I have for other people – especially women, who want to start a business. I really say, when you start a business make sure your research the market, make sure that you don’t put every bit of money you own into the business because when you start a business you don’t know if it’s going to be successful. Start small, dream big – which is great! But start small and know that if it doesn’t work you’ll still have your life.

Q: How did you juggle three children and running a business and what advice do you have for busy working moms?

A: It’s not easy being a mother with children and running a business. As a mother you always want to give everything to your children, you want to be there for them and be able to take them wherever they need to go. When I started the business with Elizabeth, my children were older and what I did was I roped them into the company. Every single day when we had packing I made them come downstairs and help me pack all the boxes. They would moan and groan, but I said this was a great way for you to earn money! The kids almost grew up with me in the business, but I always made sure – now this is very important- I always made sure that I was there for them when they needed me, that I was there to take them to wherever I needed to take them, and that I was there to sit down and talk to them when they needed me to be there. Children are young for such a short time! You know you blink and then the kids are grown up. Like now I’ve blinked and my kids are grown up. But I know and I’m pleased that I was able to juggle my time then – it’s not easy, but it’s always about priorities!

Q: You appear regularly on The Shopping Channel and are comfortable with public speaking, you even wrote a book about it. How do you recommend others get over their fear of public speaking and empower their voice and strengthen their expression?

A: Many people don’t know that prior to being with Elizabeth I was a presentation skills trainer and a voice coach. I actually wrote a book called Stand Up and Talk to 1000 People (And Enjoy It!). I think “And Enjoy It!” is really the most important part of that title, because so many people hate giving presentations. And yet if you know how to do it, and if you know how to manage it, it becomes something that you can do so very, very well. Being a voice coach, I think, was a great way for me to learn how to do presentations because I learned that your voice is like a musical instrument, it’s like playing a piano. All you have to do is to learn how to play it, and if you know how to play it well your voice will never let you down. The more you do deep breathing exercises you’ll start to find you can manage that first step of your presentation.

Q: What’s one of your greatest accomplishments?

A: I turned 60 this year! For my 60th birthday I decided to do something I’ve never done before and that was to hike up a mountain in Peru. I asked my friend to accompany me. I had no experience, I never exercise and I’ve never walked before. I have to tell you it was the most thrilling thing I’ve ever done because every single day was an accomplishment. Every single day when I started out and I battled and I never ever thought I’d reach the height that I reached. Then when I did, coming down the mountain at the end of every day and just eating and then jumping into bed was the greatest accomplishment of my life!

Get into your skin with Marion and Elizabeth Grant during their 15th Anniversary visit at The Shopping Channel on July 19 & 20 with our Today’s Showstopper.

To hear our interview with Marion Witz click the player below!

Canada Day’s Ammolite Gems Today’s Showstopper

For the last 14 years it has been my pleasure, honour, and tradition to spend Canada Day at The Shopping Channel with the Korite Ammolite that’s best known as Canada’s gemstone. Each year we bring you an exciting Today’s Showstopper, and this year is no different! Over the years our Canada Day shows have become one of the most highly anticipated events at The Shopping Channel. This year our Canada Day show will be the biggest of all time as we launch the brand new Korite Ammolite Watch that’s only available at The Shopping Channel!

We made this collection of watches in limited quantities and it’s the smallest collection we’ve ever made in the past 35 years! It took us over three years to make this watch as each Ammolite dial was intricately crafted and created by hand. It has been seven years since we’ve offered a Korite Ammolite Watch as our Today’s Showstopper, but I assure you it is well worth the wait!

This watch is reminiscent of a classic Cartier style time piece and boasts a bold, square face and is set with a large dial made of the highest quality Korite Ammolite. Perfect for men and women of all age groups, this watch is a true treasure that’s sure to become one of the most sought after pieces in our collection.

I am beyond excited to introduce and share this piece of functional art with you. I hope you’ll join me at 10pm ET on June 30th when this stellar watch finally makes its long awaited debut.

For the avid Ammonite collectors, we will again be offering a limited collection of museum quality Ammonite fossil specimens. These incredible pieces sell out very quickly, as we are only able to bring in a very limited quantity, so be sure to shop early.

The excitement doesn’t end there! For the first time ever we will be offering two qualities of Korite Ammolite. I will be bringing in several quality pieces that have never been available at The Shopping Channel before. Tune in on June 30 and July 1 to see photos of Korite Ammolite that have been sold around the world at prices you won’t believe!

I recently took a trip to New York where I visited the American Museum of Natural History. Below is a picture of me with our Ammonite on display, which we donated to the museum, and a photo of an Ammonite fossil.

I’m very much looking forward to this visit as it’s filled with many firsts, like the debut of our brand new line featuring Korite Ammolite and Black Spinel, which makes this lineup of shows a must-see! You can also look forward to extra Easy Pay payments and great Canada Day specials. Visit to view our Ammolite Gem Collection currently available.

See you all very soon!


Kiwi Watermelon Smoothie

Preparation: 5 minutes

Processing: 45 Seconds

Yield: 2 ¼  cups (540 ml)

1 ½ cups (230 g) watermelon, peeled, diced

1 kiwi, peeled, halved

1 date, pitted

1 cup (240 ml) ice cubes


1. Place all ingredients into the Vitamix container in the order listed and secure lid.

2. Select Variable 1.

3. Turn machine on and slowly increase speed to Variable 10, then to High.

4. Blend for 45 seconds or until desired consistency is reached.

Nutritional Information per 1Cup (240 ml) Serving:

- 95 Calories

- 0g total fat

- 0g saturated fat

- 0mg cholesterol

- 24g carbohydrate

- 3g fiber

- 1g protein

- 3mg sodium

- 19g sugar

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Dr. Janine Bowring Returns to The Shopping Channel

I’m so blessed and happy to announce my return to The Shopping Channel after the birth of my fourth baby, Isaiah, who was born at the end of November. Despite sleepless nights and the sometimes exhausting feat of caring for my other children, plus nursing the baby, it is surprising even to me of my ability to bounce back after baby number four!

People often ask me, “What’s your secret?” and “How can you possibly look and feel so good such a short time after having a baby?” Honestly speaking, I give the credit to my VitaTree supplements. They help to give me the vitality I need to carry out my daily routine with work, the children and my life in general. I don’t know what I would do without my supplements! I’ve said on air numerous times that I formulated the supplements for all our viewers and my patients, but first and foremost, for myself and my family.

High quality, Whole Food Vitamins simply didn’t exist in the marketplace, without synthetic vitamins and fillers, until I created the VitaTree Nutritionals supplement line. I wanted the best for myself and my family, and that’s exactly what a large number of people can now enjoy when they take any of the VitaTree products.

I’m so excited to bring in the New Year with a great Today’s Showstopper on January 11th, our extremely popular VitaTree Fat Burner. There is no better time of year to actively pursue a healthier diet, exercise and weight loss regime than in January, just after the holiday season when most of us have overdone it with food, drinks and festivities.

The key to long-term successful weight loss includes healthy lifestyle choices, detoxification and using natural whole food nutrients that boost the metabolism and can give us vital energy to be able to exercise with increased stamina and endurance.  I have formulated  very effective products, namely the VitaDetox and VitaTree Fat Burner for targeted weight loss, especially belly fat, that are safe, easy to take, and do not contain harmful stimulants as most other supplements in this genre. I encourage everyone to tune in to my fun and informative shows on January 11th to learn vital health information that can be easily implemented into everyone’s lifestyle, no matter what age or level of health. If you’ve had great success as so many others with the VitaTree Formulas, please call into my shows so we can hear all about it!

This year you will also have a chance to enter our exciting new contest and win a year’s supply of VitaFruits and VitaVeggies!  To enter, you must submit a suitable photo of yourself “before” and “after” using VitaTree Fat Burner along with your weight loss goal.  For full contest rules, visit and shop VitaTree here.


Dr. Janine Bowring

Formulator for VitaTree Nutritionals

Rhonda is back with an exciting Today’s Showstopper, the Rhonda Shear 3 Pack “Pin Up” Lace Control Panty with Shaping Panels plus brand new items and some not to be missed special pricing offers on some of your favourites!

Rhonda is back with an exciting Today’s Showstopper, the Rhonda Shear 3 Pack “Pin Up” Lace Control Panty with Shaping Panels plus brand new items and some not to be missed special pricing offers on some of your favorites!

“Shear Determination” is the beating heart of the Rhonda Shear brand. Rhonda has created a line that is fresh, innovative and glamorous. She uses cutting edge technology, luxurious fabrics and sensual silhouettes. Rhonda’s collection is “designed with love, for all women, by a woman”. Rhonda Shear believes that “behind every great woman, is a great behind”.

Our Price: $52.57

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This is one number #1 selling panty at The Shopping Channel and we’re offering it at an UNBEATABLE VALUE!

You’ll get 3 pairs of panties for UNDER $40. One pair of panties alone sell for $19.90 in the US. Our customers love the “pin up girl” panty and now it comes with a shaping panel for added support! The light tummy control and slight rear lift lets you “slip into slim”

These panties provide EXCEPTIONAL COMFORT and there are NO VISIBLE PANTY LINES! Comes in a beautiful array of colours.

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All the features & power you want and our LOWEST PRICE on a Dell 17” Inspiron Laptop

Tune in for our first Dell Today’s Showstopper of the year! The Dell Inspiron™ 17R 17” Laptop with Choice of Lid and Software’s features and software simplify photo sharing, vacation planning and much more. With your choice of lid, you’ll be able to personalize your laptop like never before!

9 Easy Payments of only $85.56!

This is the LOWEST PRICE we’ve ever offered on a 17” laptop!

Whether it’s for work, school, or play, this smart & stylish laptop has the features, the software, and the value you’re looking for in your next PC.

This conveniently portable unit is generously equipped with a 500GB hard drive, a 4GB dual-channel DDR3 memory, and a 2.1GHz Intel Pentium B950 processor to efficiently handle any task.

CHANGE THE COLOUR of your laptop in seconds with SWITCH interchangeable lids! Switch your lid to match your mood.

Comes with TWO lids: one black and another in your choice of colour.

Fire up your favourite media, then enjoy it all in style with the 17.3″ diagonal HD glossy display with TrueLife!

Perfect for viewing and editing your cherished family photos. The DVD+/-RW optical drive lets you to burn family movies, personal music, and more onto CD or DVD.


The workout you need from the comfort of home!

Start the new year off by getting in shape right in the comfort of your home. Today, as the biggest seller and manufacturer of fitness equipment in the world, ProForm continues that tradition of quality and innovation. Thanks to cutting-edge advances in cushioning, electronics and reliability, Proform treadmills have become the overwhelming choice of fitness enthusiasts throughout the world.

Burn 4x the calories compared to walking on a flat service with its 2 position 10% - 20% incline. (Experts agree that walking at an incline is the best way to burn calories —fifteen minutes walking at an incline on the XT 70 equals one hour of walking outside)

Our Price: $1,199.00

Today’s Showstopper Price: $699.00

Easy Pay 9 x $77.67

PLUS Free Shipping!

It’s like 3 machines in 1. By combining the cardio benefits of a treadmill, the toning of a stepper and comfort of an elliptical, ProForm has created the perfect weight-loss tool.

Treadmills are so popular because they are easy plus Profrom gives you all the features you need to get the body you want in the comfort of your own home (music port for iPod®, built-in sound system, QuickSpeed™ controls and iFit Live™)

As an industry leader and largest manufacturer of fitness equipment in the world, Proform means quality and they offer a lifetime motor warranty on this model.

1.75 continuous horse power plus sturdiness and performance of the machine is assured through its 325 lb weight capacity

Our Today’s Showstopper price PLUS free S&H ($72 value) PLUS 9 Easy Pay – it doesn’t get any better than this and we’re the only place in Canada with this model.


The Best Value in Canada Lets You Double Up On Your Power Massage Shower Head!

You’re busy. Between the working, commuting, errands, responsibilities, and appointments, is there any time left for you? Once you try Oxygenics® you won’t be able to believe that you spent so many years showering with ordinary showerheads. This is your opportunity to turn an everyday activity into pure bliss!

We’ll help you discover how the little things can make a big difference. Our last Today’s Showstopper of the year, the Oxygenics Set of 2 Shower Heads, is designed to be eco-friendly and economical, saving up to 70% in water and energy consumption compared to traditional shower fixtures. Not only are you doing your part for the environment, this set of shower heads will also help you unwind and enjoy the simple luxuries in life.

Our Price: $59.95

Today’s Showstopper: $38.50

For our last Today’s Showstopper of the year, we wanted to give you something that will help you relax and enjoy the simple luxuries in life.

This is the FIRST TIME EVER that we’re offering the Oxygenics PowerMassage™ Shower Head as a Today’s Showstopper and we’re offering the BEST VALUE IN CANADA.

This set includes 1 handheld and 1 fixed shower head for UNDER $40 – you can replace the shower heads in two different bathrooms or give one away as a gift

ECO-FRIENDLY AND ECONOMICAL! Thousands of gallons of water can be saved each year which means significant energy and money savings! Oxygenics uses 20-70% less water compared to industry leading brands and saves up to $70 a year on your water and energy bills.

Made with Patented Pressure Increasing Technology!

Increased water velocity + air induction = MORE PRESSURE

The patented technology ensures an invigorating pressurized shower spray regardless of water pressure and features 5 pressurized spray settings and an easy-twist lever for ideal spray selection


The internal components are made of Delrin® - a material similar to Teflon® which increases durability and eliminates clogging, mineral buildup and corrosion. No cleaning required - just install it and forget it

GUARANTEED FOR LIFE! It’s guaranteed not to clog – EVER.

• The Oxygenics PowerMassage comes with a lifetime performance warranty against clogging
• Limited lifetime warranty on the other components of the shower head


Can a woman have too many sapphires? Not at this price!

Tune in for our first Multi Sapphire Ring Today’s Showstopper since 2009 and our last jewellery Today’s Showstopper of the year! Give yourself a treat with a fabulous sparkle that’s bound to elevate your look no matter what your style. This show also features a variety of coordinating pieces which will integrate beautifully into any collection.

Our Price: $139.98

Today’s Showstopper: $89.93
Start the new year with our first multi sapphire Today’s Showstopper since 2009! This impressive ring features sapphires and diamond accents. The sapphires boast an incredible assortment of colour.
A statement piece – creates a bold look which is perfect for any occasion
You’ll receive a quality gemstone ring set in precious metal for UNDER $90! The sapphires in this ring have a minimum carat weight of 1.98ctw.

Fantastic price considering the price of silver, gemstones and diamonds today. The cost of pink diamonds has skyrocketed!

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Warm Up to Luxurious Style

Beat the cold while staying in style with our fabulous and affordable Today’s Showstopper, the Olympia Diamond Texture Seal Faux Fur Swing Coat. Olympia is a modern faux fur line which offers superior quality at outstanding prices. Tune in for a lineup with lots of colour and texture.

For our last Olympia Today’s Showstopper of the year, we’re giving the quintessential coat that everyone would love to own!

Our Price: $220.00

Today’s Showstopper: $152.50

Faux fur one of the hottest winter fashion trends For 2011!

This is made just like the real thing – it gives you the look of real, luxurious fur at a FRACTION OF THE PRICE!

You’ll see similar pieces from high end fashion designers which cost hundreds of dollars more. Crafted from fabrics produced in the USA and made in the USA at Olympia’s own manufacturing facility.

This lightweight coat makes a sleek fashion statement while keeping you warm.

Hooded detail with contract faux fur around hood and adjustable turn back cuffs will look great on women of all shapes and sizes. The swing shape complements all body types.

Only available at The Shopping Channel.