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Your Bedroom Makeover with Phyllis Kotzer

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Sit back for a moment, close your eyes and imagine the most comforting retreat possible. Better yet, remember the best hotel suite you’ve ever been in or the nicest bedroom you’ve seen in a decor magazine. Now ask yourself this, “What do I love most about this space?” Was it the sent in the air, the fresh flowers, the willowy wallpaper, or the billowy bed topper? Was it the softness of the sheets, the downy comfort of the pillows, or the vibrant pattern of the bed cover? Perhaps it was a little bit of everything.

Rest assured in knowing that you can have it all!  Design is in the details and the best place to start is by choosing one detail at a time. When doing so, keep the following pointers in mind:

1. Be sure to blend comfort and fashion with your own personal style.

2. Pick soft, relaxing colours for your walls so they act as a clean canvas and allow your bedding to become the artwork of the room. A neutral wall will also give you the ability to replace your bedding to match your mood or the change of seasons. With this key step you’ll become your own inner diva decorator with the flexibility to choose new “art” for your bed over and over.

3. Once your bed is the focal point of the room decorate outwards, upwards to the ceilings, and downwards to the floor with key accent pieces that are both visually appealing and highly functional.

4. Mix and marry your favourite shapes and designs with pillows, accent furniture, and most importantly lighting! Be sure to incorporate ambient lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting into your decor plan so you can read, relax, and rejuvenate with optimal lighting for each.

5. Your bedroom will always be your favourite room in the house if you move around small accents and soft furnishings every few months. This will keep your bedroom fresh and exciting!

Now all you have to do is rest your head down on the most comfortable pillow, curl up with your softest sheets and your favourite duvet or comforter and you’ll have the most restful sleeps and sweetest dreams!

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Say it with Silver Event at The Shopping Channel

We understand how jewellery can make a woman feel special; that’s why we’re celebrating silver here at The Shopping Channel with our Say it with Silver Event from April 16 to April 20!

We have a wide variety of stunning silver jewellery pieces that scream elegance, beauty, and “Hey look at me!” Below are just a few of our most favourite pieces from our silver jewellery collection. So please, step right up and take a peek.

Sterling Silver Canary Diamonelle Asscher Cut Stud Earrings

What we love most about these Diamonelle earrings is their classic beauty. These Asscher cut earrings have a traditional style that boasts femininity and grace. The canary colour adds a sweet and soft element that is sure to keep us loving and wearing these earrings for a very long time.

S.S. & 14k Gld Venetian & Medallion Charm Bracelet

This sterling silver charm bracelet is simply “charming”. The use of both silver and 14K gold, along with round pearls, creates a harmonious look that is simply breathtaking. This stunning bracelet is truly the package deal.

Sigal Style Sterling Silver Gold Plate Oval Citrine Ring

This Oval Citrine Ring is best described as majestic! Made of sterling silver and plated in gold, this eye-catcher will undoubtedly make a bold statement! The oval shaped citrine is 20×15mm, has an average weight of 3.91 grams, and is faceted and nestled between a set of prongs making it a timeless piece.

Himalayan Gems Sterling Silver Amazonite & Blue Topaz Pendant & Chain

The unique piece boasts a captivating colour with its bezel set, rectangular shaped amazonite along with a faceted round blue topaz. Together this duo creates one pendant that dangles from a 8″ venetian box chain with spring ring closure. This captivating piece is destined to find a special place in your jewellery collection.

For more pieces from our Say it with Silver Event visit our website.

What to Wear: Dressing a petite figure

Ironically, this was the most difficult of all shapes for me to dress. You’d think that at 5ft 2″ I’d know all about this one but sometimes it’s most difficult to be objective about your own body! Many people assume that the biggest challenge for the petite is length - constant hemming is required. And indeed, a friendly tailor is a must-have.

Unfortunately, it’s not always that simple. You see, petites have different proportion all over. The distance between the waist and crotch of a pant is smaller and the distance between shoulder and waist of a fitted jacket is smaller too. Petite clothes are not just shorter versions of regularly clothes; they’re tailored all over to fit a diminutive frame.

The worst thing a petite can do is wear clothes or patterns that overwhelm her body. Also, colour-blocking, which works so well for the tall figure, can make petites appear smaller. Instead, head-to-toe co-ordination will lengthen and streamline your silhouette.

For evening, take a cue from diminutive starlets like Natalie Portman and Audrey Tatou and go for shimmer and sparkle. This will also trick the eye into making you appear taller. And finally, heels are always a good way to actually add inches to your frame.

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What to Wear: Dressing a tall figure

Being a meagre 5ft 2″, I sometimes have a hard time sympathizing with my tall friends. But I’ve shopped enough with them to know how infuriating it can be. It’s just proof that every woman, no matter what her shape or size, faces a wardrobe challenge.

While I whine about having to get trousers hemmed, my tall friends often can’t find something long enough. And because of their height they sometimes feel like bright colours or bold patterns will make them appear huge and intimidating.

The upside of being tall is that you can carry clothes very well. While the petite struggles with pieces smothering her, the tall figure can carry off those more challenging shapes with panache. The key is to break up your seemingly endless torso and legs.

One way of going this is looking for separates with pleating, seaming and details like ruffles which slice up the ensemble. Layering is your secret best friend for this reason too. Another is through the use of pattern, which will break up your body and, if executed in a flowing fabric, will also soften your shape.

Above all, choose clothes that fit. You’ll look taller if your pants and sleeves are always too short. If you can’t find that perfect fit off the rack, make friends with a seamstress who will be able to work wonders altering some of your pieces to fit.

Finally, examine, dissect and imitate the style of these famous tall sisters: Uma Thurman, Brooke Shields and Gabrielle Reece.

(Dress shown by ABS, skirt by Coupe Fashions)

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What to Wear: Dressing a full figure

The first instinct of many full-figured women is to cover up. Unfortunately, this is the worst thing you can do if you’re curvaceous. Not to say that you should show an inordinate amount of skin. But, you should not be afraid of fabrics that hug your torso or ensembles that show a modest amount of skin.

For inspiration, look to Queen Latifah, America’s next top model contestant Toccara Jones and of course, screen sirens like Marilyn Monroe. While it’s true that it can be hard to find fashion role models in Hollywood, there are many women out there rocking a full figure and there’s no reason you should not be one of them.

Okay, let’s look at the downside of the full-figure. Very often you have a good shape, even a classic hourglass figure. But sometimes, weight can accumulate in one zone, like the tummy, bum or saddlebags. If this is the case, check out the pear or apple-shaped posts and adapt that advice to your figure.

In general, the following are your best friends: A-line skirts (fitted at the waist, but skimming away from the body), empire waisted tops (which show off your boobs, create a waist but conceal your tummy). Wrap dresses, or dresses with ruching literally create optical illusions: you’ll look slimmer and your bumps will be disguised by the fabric folds.

Finally, we all know the value of dark colour, but don’t feel limited to black. Colour-blocking is a technique you should experiment with, finding those hues that really bring out your eyes and smile. Whenever I imagine Queen Latifah I think of her huge smile and sparkling eyes, and this is because she’s always styled in the best clothes for her complexion and impeccably made up.

Heels will give you height and posture that takes you to the next level (choose a wedge heel if you can’t handle a stiletto). And above all, strut your stuff, smile widely and be bold and bodacious!

(Dress shown by Mesmerize, top by PK Maks)

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Fall Fashion: Easing into a rich, sumptuous season

Remember the 80’s? The fashion rules back then were very black-and-white: There was one skirt length, one jacket length and black was always the new black. It made dressing easy in many respects. But it also meant that everybody looked the same (like Joan Collins) and explains why it is so easy to parody the look of that decade.

Nowadays, the choices are broader. There are many different looks in every season. Designers have abandoned the myth that we all need to reinvent our wardrobe every season. Instead, they know most of us add a handful of items and maybe replace a few tired staples.

The Shopping Channel Alice Blue

We’re also a lot more body conscious these days. It doesn’t matter how hot the skinny pant is, if it doesn’t look good on you, you shouldn’t wear it. Now, there are stylish options every season for each body type. But while this increases choice, it can also cause more confusion. So, first things first. Let’s take a look at the new trends for this Fall. Then, look out for future posts explaining what to wear for your body shape!

(Blouse above by Alice Blue Fashions)

Ladylike chic

After a few seasons of baby-doll and cocoon silhouettes, the waist makes a return. Okay, okay, we all loved those flowing pleated tops and tees. But, no matter what your size, women look best when they show off their curves. So, don’t be frightened of the waist

The Shopping Channel

Think of Hollywood sirens from Grace Kelly to Sophia Loren. A cinched in waist creates that delicious hourglass figure that shows off a woman’s best assets. Remember, the thinnest part of your entire body is the area just under your bust, so if you’re looking to slim down, look for an empire waist and an A-line skirt that will skim your body.

The Shopping Channel

As part of this retro look, invest in some cute cardigans or twinsets. Cardigans are great not only for their versatility and warmth, but for their fitted shape. To updated the look, think about wearing your belt outside your cardigan. Bye bye babydoll, hello sexy librarian chic!

(Dress above by ABS, shoes by Bos & Co)

Masculine tailoring

Some of us just aren’t skirt gals. If you like wearing the pants, take a lead from one of Hollywood’s most fashion-forward leading ladies, Katherine Hepburn. She took men’s tailoring to a whole new place, making it sexy but in an easy, relaxed way.

The Shopping Channel

If this is a look you love, finding the right pants for your body shape in all-important. Take inspiration from men’s suiting materials, but look for a cut that is still feminine, fitted on the derriere and flattening on the tummy. Above all, avoid a tapered leg, which will make you look heavier around the middle. Instead, opt for a boot-cut or wide leg. Finally, if you wear heels, the hem of the pant should hit the bottom of your heel.

Because this look is inspired by a man’s wardrobe, use accessories to make it more feminine and to put your own stamp on it. I love chunky jewelry with this style, just one or two pieces. A little sparkle goes a long, long way!

(Trousers above by Kim & Co, boots by Bos & Co)

The Bling

Speaking of accessories, they’re an easy way to freshen your look. Look for affordable, dramatic pieces that you won’t feel bad about splurging on. Those fun pieces are the best way of incorporating more daring and bold trends into your wardrobe and looking cutting edge without being a fashion victim.

Bracelets are going to be huge this Fall and the scale is big and bold. But accessories are an individual thing. Two women wearing a basic black suit can look dramatically different depending on how they accessorize, so go for pieces you love and that are completely “you”!

(Bracelet above by Italian Gold Couture, necklace by Joan Rivers Classic Collection)

Autumnal hues

I don’t know about you, but by the end of summer I’m dying to get back into darker shades. Wearing brights all summer is fun and flirty, but there’s nothing quite as sumptuous and rich as those Fall colours.

With colour, the most important thing is to wear a colour that suits your complexion close to your face. If a particular shade washes you out, wear it on your bottom half or save it for your accessories.

This season’s hot colours are those harvest colours we all associate with Fall - plums and harvest gold in particular. These work well with most skin tones and play beautifully off neutral blacks, browns and beiges.

Fall is my favourite dressing season. I love layering all those soft, tactile fabrics. It’s not so cold yet that you have to get practical for cold weather dressing. And, being the shopaholic I am, I get excited seeing all the new colours and styles.

The Shopping Channel

That said, we all have challenges when it comes to wardrobe, so don’t forget to look out for those body-shape posts!

(Jacket above by Alice Blue Fashions, purse by Soprano)


Embrace the wonderful world of colour

Gone are those days when ladies were wearing handbags in only blacks or browns. Many ladies today are embracing colours that were once believed to be only confined for the fashion runways or dared to be enjoyed only by celebs, the rich or the famous.  The real women today are fashion savvy, bold, and independent decision makers, thoroughly informed and intelligent.  

 It’s so true that colours can do amazing things, colour saturated handbags are mood boosters that allow you to “walk tall, look confident, and feel good”. 

The Shopping Channel Soprano Handbags  The Shopping Channel Soprano Handbags  The Shopping Channel Soprano Handbags


I’m so excited to be able to bring you no less than 30 different colour shades on top grain superb quality leathers. The show will surely be a yummy feast for your eyes and the rich array of leather colours is just stunningly amazing.  


As always, look for fashionable styles that give you comfort and functionality, designs that are truly a fusion between timeless classics and contemporary fashion.


The Shopping Channel\'s Sylvia Kwok

Embrace colour & happy shopping!

Sylvia Kwok



Tune in for Sylvia Kwok & Soprano Handbags on Tuesday July 8th. See our Program Guide for show times or shop online now.



Canadian designer Linda Lundström debuts on The Shopping Channel July 1st

Award-winning designer Linda Lundström is known for creating fabulous fashions for “authentic” women. Her philosophy that fashion is for every woman drives her vision, creativity and flair. How excited are we to be able to present this philosophy, and some really incredible clothing, to our customers on July 1st.

We visited Linda in her Toronto studio to learn a little bit about the lady behind the Linda Lundström label and to get her take on today’s fashion dos and don’ts. Read our Q&A Linda Lundström.

You can shop online now for the Linda Lundström collection. We especially love her Fresco and Flutter pants for summer.

Brian Bailey on the need for change

Sometimes, we get so used to what we see in the mirror we don’t notice what’s missing. In this video, top Canadian designer Brian Bailey breaks down the importance of stepping back and really surveying your reflection so that you can keep your style fresh, updated and figure-flattering.

Insider Tricks with Mally Roncal

Mally Beauty creator Mally Roncal shares three simple tips everybody should try to achieve a youthful, glowing look. Also, on those days when you feel tired and haggard these techniques will lift and brighten your face.

Shop the complete Mally Beauty collection.

PS - Mally is featured in our hot-off-the-press Summer Beauty Catalogue.