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Canada Day’s Ammolite Gems Today’s Showstopper

For the last 14 years it has been my pleasure, honour, and tradition to spend Canada Day at The Shopping Channel with the Korite Ammolite that’s best known as Canada’s gemstone. Each year we bring you an exciting Today’s Showstopper, and this year is no different! Over the years our Canada Day shows have become one of the most highly anticipated events at The Shopping Channel. This year our Canada Day show will be the biggest of all time as we launch the brand new Korite Ammolite Watch that’s only available at The Shopping Channel!

We made this collection of watches in limited quantities and it’s the smallest collection we’ve ever made in the past 35 years! It took us over three years to make this watch as each Ammolite dial was intricately crafted and created by hand. It has been seven years since we’ve offered a Korite Ammolite Watch as our Today’s Showstopper, but I assure you it is well worth the wait!

This watch is reminiscent of a classic Cartier style time piece and boasts a bold, square face and is set with a large dial made of the highest quality Korite Ammolite. Perfect for men and women of all age groups, this watch is a true treasure that’s sure to become one of the most sought after pieces in our collection.

I am beyond excited to introduce and share this piece of functional art with you. I hope you’ll join me at 10pm ET on June 30th when this stellar watch finally makes its long awaited debut.

For the avid Ammonite collectors, we will again be offering a limited collection of museum quality Ammonite fossil specimens. These incredible pieces sell out very quickly, as we are only able to bring in a very limited quantity, so be sure to shop early.

The excitement doesn’t end there! For the first time ever we will be offering two qualities of Korite Ammolite. I will be bringing in several quality pieces that have never been available at The Shopping Channel before. Tune in on June 30 and July 1 to see photos of Korite Ammolite that have been sold around the world at prices you won’t believe!

I recently took a trip to New York where I visited the American Museum of Natural History. Below is a picture of me with our Ammonite on display, which we donated to the museum, and a photo of an Ammonite fossil.

I’m very much looking forward to this visit as it’s filled with many firsts, like the debut of our brand new line featuring Korite Ammolite and Black Spinel, which makes this lineup of shows a must-see! You can also look forward to extra Easy Pay payments and great Canada Day specials. Visit to view our Ammolite Gem Collection currently available.

See you all very soon!


Hilary Joy’s July Visit to The Shopping Channel

Hi everyone! I am so humbled and appreciative of your warm response to my new pieces which are exclusive to The Shopping Channel.
Please tune in to my show this Friday July 27th at 9am, 4pm and 7pm ET. Remember, everything is a limited edition - so shop fast!

I would love to speak with you, so please call in! Shop Hilary Joy Silver Collection at

See you all very soon!

Hilary Joy

The Hilary Joy Collection is BACK at The Shopping Channel!

Tune into The Shopping Channel on May 7th at 2:00pm ET and 8pm ET for the premiere of my New Copper/Silver/Gemstone Collection!

May is my favorite month of the year; April showers bring May flowers! Gems In Bloom is the PERFECT name for my show! From the ocean coloured turquoise all the way to the bright orange cornelian, the colors of the gemstones are truly vibrant! The handmade silver/copper jewellery really makes this line stand out in a crowd and isn’t for the faint hearted.

Please also look for my brand new smokey and onyx pieces all set in handmade oxidized textured fabulous mountings!

To view my collection visit

See You Monday!


Hilary Joy

Akkad Jewellery Launches at The Shopping Channel

Akkad Jewellery is one of the newest lines to come to The Shopping Channel and will be launching on April 27! We are so eager to bring this line to our customers we decided to sit down with the collection’s designer/creator, Ahmed Akkad, a few days early to get all the details about this magnificent collection.

Q: What can The Shopping Channel customers expect from AKKAD Jewellery?

A: AKKAD brings the Canadian viewer bold and feminine Fashion Jewellery made exactly to the same highest standards and specifications utilized in the making of the finest of fine Jewellery. Beautiful pieces meant to be worn everyday are executed with a perfectionist eye.

Q: What does the AKKAD Jewellery collection consist of?
AKKAD Jewellery offers an entire range of rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and watches.

Q: What type of women is AKKAD Jewellery best for?
A: An AKKAD customer is confident and feminine. She loves to experiment with fashion and creates her own unique look. She wants to look glamorous and beautiful everyday, at home, work or play.

Q: What is the best way to describe the AKKAD Jewellery collection?
A: AKKAD Jewelry is anchored in a love of globally inspired glamour, heirloom modernism and powerful women. Hollywood in the 30’s, Capri and St. Tropez in the 60’s, and New York in the 70’s and 80’s are a constant source of inspiration.

Q: What do you think our customers will like most about the AKKAD Jewellery collection?
A: I believe the customer will love the beauty, uniqueness and versatility of the pieces, and will be particularly impressed with the impeccable craftsmanship.

Watch Akkad Jewellery on The Shopping Channel on April 27 at 7pm ET and throughout the day on April 28. Visit our website to shop the Akkad Jewellery collection!

Can a woman have too many sapphires? Not at this price!

Tune in for our first Multi Sapphire Ring Today’s Showstopper since 2009 and our last jewellery Today’s Showstopper of the year! Give yourself a treat with a fabulous sparkle that’s bound to elevate your look no matter what your style. This show also features a variety of coordinating pieces which will integrate beautifully into any collection.

Our Price: $139.98

Today’s Showstopper: $89.93
Start the new year with our first multi sapphire Today’s Showstopper since 2009! This impressive ring features sapphires and diamond accents. The sapphires boast an incredible assortment of colour.
A statement piece – creates a bold look which is perfect for any occasion
You’ll receive a quality gemstone ring set in precious metal for UNDER $90! The sapphires in this ring have a minimum carat weight of 1.98ctw.

Fantastic price considering the price of silver, gemstones and diamonds today. The cost of pink diamonds has skyrocketed!

Only available at The Shopping Channel with EASY PAY!


Alluring & Sophisticated At A Very Pleasing Price

It’s time you treated yourself to the perfect gift with this sterling silver rhodium plate gemstone bracelet. Whether you wear this piece at work or at play, you’ll love how the prong set gemstones stones sit elegantly atop expertly crafted sterling silver details. This piece boasts quality craftsmanship and detail that even the most discerning jewellery collector can appreciate. This craftsmanship extends to the wearability of the bracelet, as the links and flexibility allow it to fit comfortably.

Choose from any of the gorgeous colours to add an artisanal appeal to any look. This piece will surely integrate beautifully into any collection and will make all of your outfits pop with a bold and sophisticated aesthetic. We’re incredibly excited to offer you this beautiful, exclusive item at an excellent price only available at The Shopping Channel!

Our Price: $119.99

Today’s Showstopper Price: $69.96

• Sterling silver, rhodium plating
• Average gram weight is 12.30 (including stones)
• The bracelet measures approximately 7.25″ in length (can fit comfortably on a 7.5″ wrist)
• The bracelet has a  box and tongue closure and dual safety clasp
• The line bracelet is rhodium plated
• Nickel free
• Country of Origin: China


Organized & Tarnish Free - An Afforable Way to Protetc What You Love

Christmas shopping doesn’t have to be stressful when you’ve got The Shopping Channel. Tune if for a variety of great last minute gifts and stocking stuffers all under $30.

PreZerve storage products are tested to keep your jewellery valuables free from discolouration or tarnishing during storage for up to 50 years. It is fitted with FLEXZORB® tarnish control cloth, which absorbs harmful hydrogen sulfide known to cause tarnish and discolouration. The FLEXZORB® lining keeps jewellery tarnish-free. The FLEXZORB® cloth acts like a magnet to draw away the contaminants that tarnish and age your jewelry. This amazing FLEXZORB® cloth will keep silver, copper, brass and gold lustrous for up to 50 years.

Today’s Showstopper Price: $17.98

FREE Shipping!

Jewellery is an investment; make sure that it maintains its original aesthetic with our innovative and affordable Today’s Showstopper, the PreZerve Jewellery Organizer!

For under $20 and FREE S&H, this Today’s Showstopper is the perfect stocking stuffer. This is an opportunity buy that won’t be repeated.

PRESERVES and PROTECTS your jewellery for up to 50 YEARS!

The 100% natural FlexZorb™ lining draws contaminants toward them like a magnet, keeping your jewellery tarnish-free. Perfect for home or travel – this organizer holds over 300 pieces of jewellery!
Available in an array of gorgeous colours – 6 in total.

Only available at The Shopping Channel in Canada.


Meet the Italian Statement piece that’s well within reach. A BOLD Italian accent without the bold Italian price STRETCH your style. This well priced Italian accent makes it easy.

Nothing shimmers quite like gold. Tune in or browse online for a fabulous selection of jewellery from our solid gold collections. You’ll find rings, earrings, necklace and bracelets – all in 10K, 14K and 18K gold!

Stefano Oro is a breathtaking array of authentic gold jewellery from Arezzo Italy. These beautiful designs bring history back to life in a trendy and modern way. Many of the designs are handmade by experts.

Stefano Virginio is well known for his goldsmith skills, Stefano draws on inspiration from the trends and the cultural atmosphere that he experiences in his hometown of Arezzo, Italy.

The 14K Gold Braided Stretch Ring is a gorgeous STATEMENT PIECE which is perfect for any holiday ensemble.
It creates a bold look with 3 gorgeous bands and the woven texture is a hot look for fall.
EXCEPTIONAL VALUE considering the price of gold today.
A solid gold piece with this aesthetic would weigh 15 grams and would cost $1,600 at our retail price

You asked and we listened! You loved our stretch bangles and now we’re offering a ring with STRETCH TECHNOLOGY for the FIRST TIME! Smooth, comfortable and light to wear, this ring is made by braiding over 30 threads of gold together in a diamond cut.
The result is a mesh ring which is extremely shiny with a beautiful sparkling effect within the design that’s meant to last forever.
No need to worry about sizing – this ring comes in two easy to choose sizes. Conforms to your finger and won’t stretch!

The Shopping Channel is the only place you can get this jewellery with EASY PAY!


Sapphires in a Rare Romantic Setting… Perfect for a 10th Anniversary

Kaleidoscopes are known for their ever changing colours and shapes, our Kaleidoscope of Gems event promises the very same - a variety of gemstones from some of our most loved collections. Set in precious metals, these genuine gemstones in a rainbow of colours from juicy jewel tones to playful pastels in a variety of cuts and shapes. Don’t miss the Kaleidoscope of Gems event from October 10 - 21.

This show includes gorgeous pieces which will match our Today’s Showstopper perfectly. For Generation 1912’s 10th Anniversary, we are bringing back some popular styles from 10 years ago and they will be limited edition.

Generations 1912 brings us back to when jewellery was a blend of craftsmanship and art. These pieces are created from the same models used to make the original items in this collection, ranging from Victorian era influence through Art Deco and Art Nuveau to the 1940s. Each piece in the Generations 1912 collection has been reproduced using the original model and then set and hand finished by specialty trained jewelers.

Our Price: $299.99

Today’s Showstopper: $199.96

Easy Pay 5 x $40.00

To celebrate GENERATION 1912’s 10th Anniversary at The Shopping Channel, we wanted to bring you something special! This exquisite Sterling Silver White & Blue Sapphire Enamel Ring was inspired by one of Bob Weinman’s family jewels.

This ring features 1.26pts of Kanchanaburi sapphires. Kanchanaburi sapphires are RARE – they are no longer being mined and are known for their brilliant royal blue hue. This ring is made with hand applied enamel and is hand engraved and milgrained.

Only available at The Shopping Channel and made especially for our you!


Jewllery Creations - This Much Carat Weight for How Much

Tanzanite is the most important gemstone discovery of the last century. It’s an exotic jewel that combines the rich, regal, purple of a fine amethyst with the alluring blue of sapphire. You’ll fall in love with tanzanite at first sight!

No other retailer in Canada has this wide a selection of Tanzanite pieces! Our selection includes tanzanite combined with silver, gold and platinum. Our collection features affordable and high end stones, ensuring that we have something for everyone!

Our Price: $449.99

Today’s Showstopper: $299.96

Easy Pay: 6 x $50.00
Tanzanite Sterling Silver Tennis Necklace is here! In July, we told you that there would only be one Tanzanite Today’s Showstopper this year BUT this opportunity is too good a buy to pass up!
Tanzanite is rare - experts say if no new deposits of Tanzanite are found, the supply won’t last more than 15 years.
This is the FIRST tanzanite tennis necklace and the biggest gemstone weight we’ve offered in a tanzanite Today’s Showstopper with a 9.50 total carat weight for 18” and a 10.50 total carat weight for 20”.

EXCELLENT WORKMANSHIP and very comfortable to wear, this necklace sits perfectly on the neck - made with special non-flexible, non-flip links at the back that fit against the nape of the neck to help it in place.
The links at the back have a rigid curve, while the links at the front remain flexible

You’ll find incredible value in both sizes are available at one price!
The distinctive violet hue makes it a must for the discerning jewellery lover. The classic tennis style and floral femininity make it a look all women can appreciate.