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Make Your House a Home Event - May 2nd to May 8th - Your Bathroom

There are two rooms in a home that really stand out when entering someone’s private castle for the first time - their kitchen and then, of course, the bathroom. I find people really tend to neglect the bathroom, and fail to notice just how much fun you can have in the water closet, without affecting the feel of the rest of the home!

Unlike a kitchen, which needs to be tailored to fit the house style, the bathroom can be a little room of joy! Because the door is usually closed to it, walking into the unknown can be quite exhilarating, especially if the owner has taken the time to give this room a real feeling of privacy and serenity. Do you want it to pop out at you with colour? How about adding some striped paint or wallpaper to create a dash of luxury? Big small, tight or wide, that bathroom is the one room where you can let the little kid out and add some cute pieces to make the place shine.

My photo inspiration is

This bathroom has such a sense of elegance. The chaise for relaxing, the table - all have those pieces have gorgeous colours and just radiate luxury with that Old French touch.

The Shopping Channel’s Make Your House a Home Event is the perfect timing for bringing a little life back into your bathroom.

Let’s start with the vanity.

A vanity is the place you spend most of your time from brushing your teeth to washing your hands and it should be the right size AND the right price. Luckily, with this week’s event, you can have both!

Reemka Bathroom Jaidy Vanity is the perfect addition to your bathroom.

Our Price: $739.98
Event Price $499.98
5 Payments of $100.00
Not only is this vanity at an amazing price, but it is a gorgeous hand crafted vanity with rich brown marble counter top, white ceramic basin, three-hole faucet rough-in and beach cream wood cabinet with soft-shut doors will add rich character to any bathroom. Gorgeous!
Next are the mirrors - don’t be stuck with those typical bland mirrors - jazz it up with decor mirrors - have a double vanity? Buy two!

The Mercana Art Decor Framed Mirror is a wonderful example of what would help with our inspirational picture!

Our Price: $104.98
The Mercana Art Decor Framed Mirror adds a touch of whimsy to your decor with it’s taupe/grey leaf frame design highlighted by the antique rubbed finish giving it a uniquely distinctive feel.
Next, the chaise!
The Reemka Berger Chaise is a perfect addition to this room. Because it’s grey, I would suggest adding some gold pieces to compliment the chair nicely, or add a gold-toned throw to really make the look cohesive.
Our Price: $1,134.98
Event Price $999.98
6 Payments of $166.66
Gorgeously redefined Victorian style, this sofa features an exposed dark burnt oak wood frame detailed with exquisite carving and fitted in rich linen fabric. Don’t be afraid to throw this piece in the mix, but do try to find another element to tie it all together.
How about the little details? Check out the cute Parfumerie” 4 Piece Bathroom Ensemble to add to the French detail:
Our Price: $49.98
Last but not least, lighting. In a washroom like this, nothing says atmosphere like light!
The Gen-lite 5-lt Fixture Antique Brass Chandelier will add such warmth to your bathroom. This beautiful ceiling fixture is finished in antique brass with marbelized alabaster glass, and includes a sufficent chain for hanging.
Our Price: $48.68
Event Price $39.68
So there you have it, a perfect escape from the every day. Don’t neglect this room’s paint and textiles either, since that is what will really bring the room together.
Happy shopping! xox

Make Your House a Home Event - May 2nd to May 8th - Your Dining Room

Think of the last time you had family or friends over for dinner…  You spent all day in that kitchen, slaving over that perfect succulent roast, you made sure to pick up a pie for dessert, and now everyone has shown up and they walk into your dining room.

They gasp! They have entered into a time-warp of 1983! This can’t be!  But it can, and for many people, it is.  Outdated furniture and decor is the embarrassing truth of the holidays or grand family functions for many people.

So, this spring, turn your “Ew” into a “Wow!” with spectacular styles and savings from The Shopping Channel!

My inspirational photo is:

I am just loving the warm and earthy feel to this room, with the cozy chairs and the dark wood, mixed with the romantic chandelier. I believe anyone can make this dining room their own. For those of you who are a little bit more price conscience, instead of having all the chairs be the same, keep the normal chairs in a set, and the only replace your head table chairs. Keep the additional chairs aside for unexpected guests, because you never know who will want to drop by and see your new set-up!

This elegant dining set from Brassex has a  rich walnut finish which instantly updates any room with its fashionable versatility.  The solid wood seat frames add strength and durability and the rich micro fabric seating is comfortable for special occasions or everyday use.

Event Price $524.95

A great addition to this set, is the Mazin PU Side Chair which also comes in Ivory.

Our Price: $166.67

Heighten the look of your living space with this lovely side chair in soft, chenille-like fabric.  The contoured chair back and tufting allows the chair to be used as an accent piece as well as a dining chair. The solid wood legs are strong enough for daily use.

Last but not least, the chandelier! A room that has the right lighting, will always create the right vibe.Add sophisticated charm to any living space with this dazzling 12 light ceiling fixture from Gen-Lite. Crafted from glass with a chrome plated finish, its unique design will grace any room with beautiful style.

Event Price $499.99

There you have it! A dining room for you to show your friends and family that you really do belong in the 21st century!

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Make Your House a Home Event - May 2nd to May 8th - Your Bedroom

The bedroom - the place of ultimate serenity in your home. It’s your private space; the place that no one needs to see, but it is ultimately the most personal and perfect haven anyone could ever ask for - if you dare to try!

My picture of inspiration is this one. A sense of country, with a modern twist. I am loving those chairs, which really makes the space! Let’s take advantage of The Shopping Channel’s Home Event and see what great deals we can find to make the same great look!