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Dr. Janine Bowring Returns to The Shopping Channel

I’m so blessed and happy to announce my return to The Shopping Channel after the birth of my fourth baby, Isaiah, who was born at the end of November. Despite sleepless nights and the sometimes exhausting feat of caring for my other children, plus nursing the baby, it is surprising even to me of my ability to bounce back after baby number four!

People often ask me, “What’s your secret?” and “How can you possibly look and feel so good such a short time after having a baby?” Honestly speaking, I give the credit to my VitaTree supplements. They help to give me the vitality I need to carry out my daily routine with work, the children and my life in general. I don’t know what I would do without my supplements! I’ve said on air numerous times that I formulated the supplements for all our viewers and my patients, but first and foremost, for myself and my family.

High quality, Whole Food Vitamins simply didn’t exist in the marketplace, without synthetic vitamins and fillers, until I created the VitaTree Nutritionals supplement line. I wanted the best for myself and my family, and that’s exactly what a large number of people can now enjoy when they take any of the VitaTree products.

I’m so excited to bring in the New Year with a great Today’s Showstopper on January 11th, our extremely popular VitaTree Fat Burner. There is no better time of year to actively pursue a healthier diet, exercise and weight loss regime than in January, just after the holiday season when most of us have overdone it with food, drinks and festivities.

The key to long-term successful weight loss includes healthy lifestyle choices, detoxification and using natural whole food nutrients that boost the metabolism and can give us vital energy to be able to exercise with increased stamina and endurance.  I have formulated  very effective products, namely the VitaDetox and VitaTree Fat Burner for targeted weight loss, especially belly fat, that are safe, easy to take, and do not contain harmful stimulants as most other supplements in this genre. I encourage everyone to tune in to my fun and informative shows on January 11th to learn vital health information that can be easily implemented into everyone’s lifestyle, no matter what age or level of health. If you’ve had great success as so many others with the VitaTree Formulas, please call into my shows so we can hear all about it!

This year you will also have a chance to enter our exciting new contest and win a year’s supply of VitaFruits and VitaVeggies!  To enter, you must submit a suitable photo of yourself “before” and “after” using VitaTree Fat Burner along with your weight loss goal.  For full contest rules, visit and shop VitaTree here.


Dr. Janine Bowring

Formulator for VitaTree Nutritionals

A letter from Dr. Markou N.D. & Well Balanced

Hello Viewers,

I just finished with my 9am appearance and i wanted to send you a personal message about the theme of the show today. We are looking at the Immune System, our Well Balanced immune formulation is an amazing daily immune boost. Taken 1 cap three times daily preferably on an empty stomach for best results, this product will increase your immune system. Plant sterols and sterolins are recognized as one of the most important phytonutrients for human health.  This unique blend of sterols and sterolins is found naturally in fruit, vegetables, seeds and nuts. Our Immune Boost will help boost your immune system.

Dr. Elias Markou, BSc Hons., RHN, R. Ac., ND
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine


Harley Pasternak’s 5-Factor Success Program

Get in the best shape of your life with Harley Pasternak! Today, get the Harley Pasternak’s 5-Factor Success Program at an amazing price!

Our Price: $119.85
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Also, the  Harley Pasternak’s 5-Factor Fitness Bar can be yours to help you attain your fitness goals!
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Have you tried or know someone who has benefited from 5-Factor? Let us know!


Today's Showstopper - Buy It Now

Dr. Janine Bowring with VitaTree

Watch Dr. Janine Bowring next at 6:30pm ET tonight on The Shopping Channel.

Today’s Blockbuster Offer is the Vitatree Vitafish Oil.

What it is:
VitaTree VitaFish Oil is a blend of omega-3 fatty acids derived from anchovies, sardines and salmon. It is unique in that it is all natural and in an easy to take form of gel capsules that can be either swallowed or
chewed, without any fishy taste.

Who should take it:
Everyone should take as a supplement to their daily diet, our foods today are so depleted in vitamins and minerals that they need to be supplemented in a concentrated form. Recommended adult dosage is four VitaFish Oil capsules to be taken daily with food, or as otherwise recommended by your health
care practitioner.

What it does:
VitaFish Oil is an all natural fish oil supplement that supplies the essential fatty acids DHA and EPA. It is unique in that it contains no added fillers, synthetic preservatives or nutrients, and it is in the form of tasty orange flavoured gel capsules, great for children and adults. VitaFish Oil is free from common fish contaminants like Mercury, PCB’s and dioxins, and has been processed by molecular distillation to remove these commonly found toxins that are present in fish.

What is included:
• Vitatree Vitafish Oil - 90 Day Supply

Please consult with your physician before use of this product.


About Dr. Janine Bowring
Naturopathic Doctor, Janine Bowring, graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1998 with a special interest in the mind/body connection and relationship to disease.
Dr. Bowring is a regular guest on The Shopping Channel as formulator for VitaTree Nutritionals, Canada’s only whole food vitamin company. She is also the author of The Healthy Millionaire.
Janine was the recipient of the Dr. Michael Rahman Award for increasing public knowledge and education of naturopathic medicine in Canada. Dr. Bowring has lectured extensively in the public sector and has been well received in corporate wellness seminars. She is trained in Craniosacral and Bowen Therapy and much of her practice focuses on helping others to heal the root cause of their disease, be it from a physical, emotional or spiritual cause.

Portion Control - Why It Will Work For You!

We always hear the same old dieting banter - “I went on my diet and the pounds came back” or “I don’t know how to cut bad food from my life!”

Short of starvation or going under the knife, many people struggle when it comes to weight loss. Especially when it’s just shaving your calorie count off the top so you’re ingesting all that you need to.

Over the course of time, people just give up and don’t know how to maintain a healthy weight while still enjoy the foods they love.

It’s natural for humans to want to consume everything they can in sight. Our bodies are made to store away in case an emergency happens. Plus, with all the food available to us, we can’t help but want to take it all in, whenever we can, as we no longer live in a world where we walk and search for food and eat. Our eating happens faster than our brains can tell us to stop!

There’s no denying that we, as a food-prevalent population, need help.

So, The Shopping Channel has the perfect solution!

Lifesize Portion Control System with Quick Guide

The Lifesize Portion Control System with Quick Guide is not a diet; it’s a new way of looking at the foods you love that shifts your focus from what you eat to how much you eat. The tools you need to properly portion out your meals are at your fingertips with this colourful, convenient system. It can be yours for $59.99.

Easy-to-use and understand, learn how to eat right without sacrificing those tempting goodies you can’t resist. The Lifesize Portion Measuring Cups help you portion out the foods you eat in a meal, snack or dessert food including meat, saucy dishes, dressings and liquids. Measure food in Lifesize Portions rather than grams or tablespoons. With the Lifesize Wall Chart you’ll be able to check the chart to determine how to portion your food and which measuring device to use.

Each measuring device has a corresponding box on the chart and lists portion sizes for common foods that don’t fit the measuring devices, including bread and eggs. The sheet also lists out the “free foods” that you don’t have to portion out which include all fruits, vegetables and most low-fat dairy items. Hang this sheet on your kitchen wall or in a kitchen cabinet for easy access as you prepare your meals and snacks. The Lifesize Program is five easy steps that teaches you three new eating habits and suggests the number of Lifesize Portions to eat in a meal and in a day.

See how easy that is?

Try it out today, if nothing else it will help you understand how much you SHOULD be digesting a day. And that is knowledge that will carry you for a lifetime.


Get in shape anywhere & everywhere with Tony Little

Fitness Hall of Fame inductee Tony Little is live in our TV studios today. He’ll be demonstrating his innovative Easy Shaper Bar, which allows you to get a full body workout anywhere!

Tony Little Easy Shaper Bar

Today’s Showstopper: $33.48
Easy Pay®: 3 payments of $11.16

With the Easy Shaper Bar, Tony has again revolutionized in-home fitness for his most comprehensive workout. It is perfect for strength training, muscle toning and building body flexibility. Its design allows for continuous movement and full range of motion.

Tune in to The Shopping Channel at 7AM, 10AM, 2PM, 5PM, 8PM & 11PM ET to watch Tony & the Easy Shaper in action. Or click on the “Video” tab on our product detail page.

Create the body you’ve always wanted with Harley Pasternak

It isn’t just celebrities like Kayne West and Alicia Keys that sing (and in their case, literally!) the praises of fitness trainer & nutrition expert Harley Pasternak.

The Shopping Channel is lucky enough to have Harley back in our TV studios today. Tune in at noon, 4PM and 9PM ET today as Harley takes us through the research and benefits behind his 5 Factor program & demonstrates workouts you can do at home using his Harley Bar.

Harley Pasternak’s 5-Factor Harley Bar

The 5 Factor Harley Bar can be used as a traditional weight lifting bar or disassembled to have the ends function as dumbbells. It’s is great for exercises such as dumbbell flys, dumbbell rows, dumbbell deadlifts, biceps curls, triceps extensions, lateral raises, dumbbell step-ups, dumbbell rows and more! Includes a FREE 2-Month Membership where you’ll have access to hundreds of 5-Factor Recipes, a customized eating plan, message board to meet others on the program,  Harley’s daily inspiration, food log, online Journal & weight tracker. $49.99

Here’s what other customers of The Shopping Channel have to say about Harley Pasternak’s fitness program:

I love these workouts. All that is required is a small amount of space and some basic equipment, hand weights, possibly a chair and a mat. I love the flexibility to make the workout as easy or as hard as you need. I was a very disciplined exerciser for many years and recently lost motivation. When I saw Harley on TV I liked his enthusiasm so I thought I would give his system a try. I like the simple exercises and Harley gives you options to make the workout more intense or less intense. I feel it is a get back to basics system that doesn’t use gimmicks. I have been using these DVD’s for a few months now and I feel I’m back into a good exercise routine again. I purchased this for the DVD’s. However I did read the info on the diet plan and it too is a get back to basics, sensible eating plan. Overall I like Harley’s common sense approach to diet and exercise. - Lisa from Brampton, ON

After losing 40 lbs and with 20 to go, I lost motivation even though I have a lot of fitness equipment including a high end treadmill. I ordered this program on a whim, thinking I might use it once in a while for a little variety. WRONG! I cannot get enough and the rest of my equipment and DVDs might end up collecting a little dust. I like it so much I have ordered Harley’s book and looking at the other items he has to complete the set. Don’t hesitate, you will not be sorry with this purchase. - Donna from Eilliot Lake, ON

I purchased the DVDs 4 weeks ago and can’t get enough. It’s 25 mins in total which provides a total body workout. All you need is a small set of weights, a mat and a small workout space. It’s not a huge time commitment but if you challenge yourself….you’ll get a great workout and feel better. I highly recommend the 5 Factor Fitness DVDs. - Richard from Ottawa, ON

The forever sexy Suzanne Somers, live in our studios

Actress, author & entrepreneur Suzanne Somers joins us live in our TV studios tomorrow & Thursday. She’ll be sharing her new book “Sexy Forever - How to Fight Fat Over Forty” as well as her selection of health & beauty solutions.

Suzanne Somers

If you want an additional dose of Suzanne (and who doesn’t? :) she will be on CBC Radio One today at 10AM ET ( and on the Marilyn Denis Show tomorrow (

Treat pain at home with Tanda light therapy

Tanda Professional Restore Light Therapy Treatment provides you with the optimal dose of infrared light. In just 3 minutes, this light energy results in therapeutic warming and provides a temporary increase in blood circulation that will help to treat pain, improve range of motion and relax muscles.

Equal to the laser light therapy devices you can benefit from in a clinic - and 5x more powerful than any other consumer light therapy device available in Canada - this proven device offers  non-invasive, drug-free pain relief. Use it along with your in-clinic treatments or for convenient at-home care under the management of your health practitioner. Take advantage of our 5 interest-free Easy Pay payments, allowing you to get this device home today for only $69.80.

Find out more about Tanda, and shop our full assortment of health & beauty devices, at

Walking in a winter wonderland

Trek your way through winter with confidence with our WinterTrax Today’s Showstopper!

WinterTrax Get Ready for Winter Combo
Today’s Showstopper: $19.99 (save $15)
Easy Pay®: 4 payments of $5.00

A top favourite year after year, WinterTrax gives you the ability to walk confidently on packed snow and ice. They feature a lightweight, user-friendly, safe spikeless design. They are ideal for anyone looking for greater stability and safety during the winter months.

Pair your WinterTrax with our Tony Little Incline Sweater Boot for the ultimate winter walking experience. Soft faux shearling lining gives you extra warmth, while the negative heel helps you to exercise and tone.

Holiday Price: $39.99 (save $10)
Easy Pay®: 4 payments of $10.00