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Get Into It with Marion Witz

Marion Witz is getting into it! She sat down with The Shopping Channel for a candid interview about being a mother, an entrepreneur, and life working with Elizabeth Grant. From turning 60 years-old to climbing a mountain in Peru, Marion is sharing her insights, interests, and all she’s learned over the years!

Q: What’s new and exciting in the Elizabeth Grant Collection for Summer Beauty this year?

A: For Summer Beauty this year we have together created the most incredible product called SOS Rescue Cream. It’s specifically formulated to help the skin cope with the environmental damage. Let’s face it, it’s very hot and we are outside now so our bodies are outsides…our skin is going to be stressed that much more. Well that’s our exciting new product for summer!

Q: What’s your best Summer Beauty tip?

A: One of the things that women should always know is to stay out of the sun – and that’s really difficult, especially in the summer! Wear a sunscreen if you’re outside and get your colour from bronzing products. There are so many beautiful bronzing products today! At one stage bronzing products would make you look streaky and yellow. But today with the technology, when you put a good bronzer on your body, your body looks bronzed and it looks lovely! That’s where we should get our colour from, not from the sun!

Q: What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned as an entrepreneur and what advice do you have for others who are interested in starting their own business?

A: When Elizabeth and I started the company – I think it was 1998 or 1999, we were very naive about everything. We started the business in my basement and it grew from there. People often ask me what advice I have for other people – especially women, who want to start a business. I really say, when you start a business make sure your research the market, make sure that you don’t put every bit of money you own into the business because when you start a business you don’t know if it’s going to be successful. Start small, dream big – which is great! But start small and know that if it doesn’t work you’ll still have your life.

Q: How did you juggle three children and running a business and what advice do you have for busy working moms?

A: It’s not easy being a mother with children and running a business. As a mother you always want to give everything to your children, you want to be there for them and be able to take them wherever they need to go. When I started the business with Elizabeth, my children were older and what I did was I roped them into the company. Every single day when we had packing I made them come downstairs and help me pack all the boxes. They would moan and groan, but I said this was a great way for you to earn money! The kids almost grew up with me in the business, but I always made sure – now this is very important- I always made sure that I was there for them when they needed me, that I was there to take them to wherever I needed to take them, and that I was there to sit down and talk to them when they needed me to be there. Children are young for such a short time! You know you blink and then the kids are grown up. Like now I’ve blinked and my kids are grown up. But I know and I’m pleased that I was able to juggle my time then – it’s not easy, but it’s always about priorities!

Q: You appear regularly on The Shopping Channel and are comfortable with public speaking, you even wrote a book about it. How do you recommend others get over their fear of public speaking and empower their voice and strengthen their expression?

A: Many people don’t know that prior to being with Elizabeth I was a presentation skills trainer and a voice coach. I actually wrote a book called Stand Up and Talk to 1000 People (And Enjoy It!). I think “And Enjoy It!” is really the most important part of that title, because so many people hate giving presentations. And yet if you know how to do it, and if you know how to manage it, it becomes something that you can do so very, very well. Being a voice coach, I think, was a great way for me to learn how to do presentations because I learned that your voice is like a musical instrument, it’s like playing a piano. All you have to do is to learn how to play it, and if you know how to play it well your voice will never let you down. The more you do deep breathing exercises you’ll start to find you can manage that first step of your presentation.

Q: What’s one of your greatest accomplishments?

A: I turned 60 this year! For my 60th birthday I decided to do something I’ve never done before and that was to hike up a mountain in Peru. I asked my friend to accompany me. I had no experience, I never exercise and I’ve never walked before. I have to tell you it was the most thrilling thing I’ve ever done because every single day was an accomplishment. Every single day when I started out and I battled and I never ever thought I’d reach the height that I reached. Then when I did, coming down the mountain at the end of every day and just eating and then jumping into bed was the greatest accomplishment of my life!

Get into your skin with Marion and Elizabeth Grant during their 15th Anniversary visit at The Shopping Channel on July 19 & 20 with our Today’s Showstopper.

To hear our interview with Marion Witz click the player below!

Canada Day’s Ammolite Gems Today’s Showstopper

For the last 14 years it has been my pleasure, honour, and tradition to spend Canada Day at The Shopping Channel with the Korite Ammolite that’s best known as Canada’s gemstone. Each year we bring you an exciting Today’s Showstopper, and this year is no different! Over the years our Canada Day shows have become one of the most highly anticipated events at The Shopping Channel. This year our Canada Day show will be the biggest of all time as we launch the brand new Korite Ammolite Watch that’s only available at The Shopping Channel!

We made this collection of watches in limited quantities and it’s the smallest collection we’ve ever made in the past 35 years! It took us over three years to make this watch as each Ammolite dial was intricately crafted and created by hand. It has been seven years since we’ve offered a Korite Ammolite Watch as our Today’s Showstopper, but I assure you it is well worth the wait!

This watch is reminiscent of a classic Cartier style time piece and boasts a bold, square face and is set with a large dial made of the highest quality Korite Ammolite. Perfect for men and women of all age groups, this watch is a true treasure that’s sure to become one of the most sought after pieces in our collection.

I am beyond excited to introduce and share this piece of functional art with you. I hope you’ll join me at 10pm ET on June 30th when this stellar watch finally makes its long awaited debut.

For the avid Ammonite collectors, we will again be offering a limited collection of museum quality Ammonite fossil specimens. These incredible pieces sell out very quickly, as we are only able to bring in a very limited quantity, so be sure to shop early.

The excitement doesn’t end there! For the first time ever we will be offering two qualities of Korite Ammolite. I will be bringing in several quality pieces that have never been available at The Shopping Channel before. Tune in on June 30 and July 1 to see photos of Korite Ammolite that have been sold around the world at prices you won’t believe!

I recently took a trip to New York where I visited the American Museum of Natural History. Below is a picture of me with our Ammonite on display, which we donated to the museum, and a photo of an Ammonite fossil.

I’m very much looking forward to this visit as it’s filled with many firsts, like the debut of our brand new line featuring Korite Ammolite and Black Spinel, which makes this lineup of shows a must-see! You can also look forward to extra Easy Pay payments and great Canada Day specials. Visit to view our Ammolite Gem Collection currently available.

See you all very soon!


Interior Designer Hilary Farr is Here!

Category: General

Home décor shoppers are thrilled that Hilary Farr has brought her collection to The Shopping Channel. We sat down with Hilary prior to her shows to get all the details on her gorgeous pieces, but also to pick her brain about interior design and style!

Q: Describe the Hilary Farr Collection you’re bringing to The Shopping Channel.

A: I wanted to design a year-round quilted duvet cover set that was gorgeous, but also functional so that it could be used during both warmer and cooler months. I’ve created an all-season coverlet that can be used with or without a duvet. It’s very elegant, very luxurious, and comes in colours that were inspired by childhood in England. The colours will work with every décor and design style.

Q: What do you think customers of The Shopping Channel will like most about your collection?

A: I think customers will love the versatility. The duvet cover set is washable and can be washed several times and will still look just as beautiful as day one. The collection is rich with texture, colour, and above all luxury that will provide a chic look!

Q: What’s your design style?

A: I love anything that carries a memory. I would say transitional and definitely eclectic - to the max!

Q: What’s the number one mistake homeowners make when decorating their homes?

A: The biggest issue with homeowners that I see is they don’t understand the importance of scale. For instance, they’ll see an over-sized sofa and love it, but when they bring it home it overwhelms the space. I think that’s one of the hardest things to understand, but it’s very important! I suggest looking at the height of your ceilings above all, that’s one of the biggest things to take into consideration.

Q: What design question do you get asked the most and how do you answer it?

A: Windows coverings are a huge concern with a lot of people, especially now with so many buildings having large windows - which are absolutely stunning! The question is how to use window coverings? A blind will solve the problem if you have a big window that doesn’t have enough wall space on either side for curtains.

Q: What’s your number one design tip?

A: Above all be true to yourself. Incorporate what you love and what makes you comfortable into the room. Don’t follow a trend simply because it’s a trend. Yes, go outside your comfort zone because otherwise you’ll get stuck in a rut. However, if you go too far against what you actually feel good in, your home won’t be a sanctuary anymore.

Q: What’s it like on the set of Love It or List It?

A: Every day is different! There are days that are very long and absolutely gruelling, but there’s an enormous amount of laughing!

Shop Hilary Farr’s Home Decor Collection at

Your Bedroom Makeover with Phyllis Kotzer

Category: General

Sit back for a moment, close your eyes and imagine the most comforting retreat possible. Better yet, remember the best hotel suite you’ve ever been in or the nicest bedroom you’ve seen in a decor magazine. Now ask yourself this, “What do I love most about this space?” Was it the sent in the air, the fresh flowers, the willowy wallpaper, or the billowy bed topper? Was it the softness of the sheets, the downy comfort of the pillows, or the vibrant pattern of the bed cover? Perhaps it was a little bit of everything.

Rest assured in knowing that you can have it all!  Design is in the details and the best place to start is by choosing one detail at a time. When doing so, keep the following pointers in mind:

1. Be sure to blend comfort and fashion with your own personal style.

2. Pick soft, relaxing colours for your walls so they act as a clean canvas and allow your bedding to become the artwork of the room. A neutral wall will also give you the ability to replace your bedding to match your mood or the change of seasons. With this key step you’ll become your own inner diva decorator with the flexibility to choose new “art” for your bed over and over.

3. Once your bed is the focal point of the room decorate outwards, upwards to the ceilings, and downwards to the floor with key accent pieces that are both visually appealing and highly functional.

4. Mix and marry your favourite shapes and designs with pillows, accent furniture, and most importantly lighting! Be sure to incorporate ambient lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting into your decor plan so you can read, relax, and rejuvenate with optimal lighting for each.

5. Your bedroom will always be your favourite room in the house if you move around small accents and soft furnishings every few months. This will keep your bedroom fresh and exciting!

Now all you have to do is rest your head down on the most comfortable pillow, curl up with your softest sheets and your favourite duvet or comforter and you’ll have the most restful sleeps and sweetest dreams!

Shop for your home at

Spring Into Style

Category: General

What better way to welcome spring than in style! The Shopping Channel brings you the latest looks for the season - colour filled fashions and on-trend accessories. Shop the latest spring styles today at and Springs into Style!

March Big Weekends!

Category: General

During the month of March viewers will want to tune in every weekend for something BIG! They can expect amazing Today’s Showstopper offers from the biggest brands as well as an all around exciting line-up of shows that shouldn’t be missed. Expect big things all month long! SHOP @

The Shopping Channel Celebrates 26 Years of Great Shopping!

Category: General

It’s Our Birthday! We’re celebrating 26 years of Great Shopping and we have lots in store! Watch for:

  • The return of your favourite guests & shows including Joan Rivers, RJ Graziano, Sylvia Kwok, Dimitri James & Lennie Feinberg to name a few.
  • What better time of year than our birthday to celebrate your favourites - the Shoppies are back!
  • Incredible birthday offers each and every day that you won’t want to miss!
  • If that’s not enough, we have some extra excitement with our 26 A-day Giveaway! Every day for 26 days we’ll be giving away 26 prizes to 26 lucky winners. A different product is up for grabs every day from brands like Bose, Soprano Handbags, Aquaswiss, Himilayan Gems and more. To find out the daily prizes visit - for 26 days! We have over $50,000 in great prizes to be won all month long - don’t miss it!

There’s so much more, be sure to visit today for more on this exciting celebration!

Valentine’s Pin-to-Win!

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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and The Shopping Channel has some amazing heart melting items that we’re sure you’d LOVE to receive on February 14.  Enter & “Pin” your way at a chance to win a $500 shopping spree and show yourself some love.

Create your own Valentine’s Wish Board on Pinterest and you could win! Pin your products and enter  between January 14 - 28.

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Celebrate & Share with The Shopping Channel

‘Tis the season to Celebrate & Share with those you hold dear. Take the gift of time and make it special. Whatever your holiday mood, rest assured that with your discerning taste and our holiday-know-how, you’ll soon discover something perfect!

Easy Pay

Holiday Shopping just got better!  Enjoy a minimum of 4 Easy Payments on every item, right now through the holidays!

Women Moving Women

Add $1 to your order today in support of women moving women (done through silent animation and through CCC (if possible),no live host call out.

Extended Holiday Returns

Gifts purchased can be returned up to January 14th - some details apply, so be sure to go online for full details.

Celebrate & Share $25,000 Giveaway

Enter our Celebrate & Share $25,000 Giveaway! Each week we’re giving away shopping sprees! Starting at $500, the weekly prize gets bigger and bigger the weeks go on! Enter every  week for your chance to win!

Weekly Prize Draw Shopping Spree
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October 19 – October 25, 2012
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December 7 – December 13, 2012
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December 14 – December 20, 2012
$4000 December 21, 2012
December 21 – December 31, 2012
$5000 January 3, 2013

O’Neill Brothers to perform live on The Shopping Channel

Category: General

We are very excited to make our national debut on The Shopping Channel!

After performing hundreds of times in the United States on QVC, HSN, and ShopNBC, we are thrilled to be coming to Canada.
We will be performing Christmas favorites live on two grand pianos from our two newest Christmas albums, “The Gift of Christmas” a 2 CD set of 30 of our holiday favorites, plus a special bonus CD entitled “Joy” including 6 Christmas songs such as “Winter Wonderland,” “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” and “Jingle Bells”.
Tune in on Tuesday, October 16 at 9am, 2pm, 5pm and 8pm ET. We’re so happy that we can share these holiday songs with you to get in the Christmas spirit.

SHOP The O’Neill Brothers at

- Tim and Ryan O’Neill

About The O’Neill Brothers:
Tim & Ryan O’Neill, nationally known recording artists from New Prague, MN, have released over 37 CDs of piano music in their relaxing, signature style. The O’Neill Brothers have sold over ten million copies and currently sell over 250,000 song downloads every month. Tim and Ryan have performed for several governors, US Presidents and have toured with pop superstar Deborah Gibson, as well as Katie McMahon, the original voice of Riverdance.