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Do the Body Good in 2013 with Rosalie Brown!

It’s the beginning of 2013 and we have a great year ahead of us! A new year brings the opportunity to do the body good! Let’s get on track (or back on track!) with the RIGHT tools to create the healthiest and strongest body possible!

One of my favorite fitness sayings is, “Being uncomfortable for 30 to 60 minutes a day exercising is better than being uncomfortable your whole life”.  Yes I said it; sometimes we need to get a little uncomfortable to achieve what is worthwhile.  Nobody knows better than Jillian Michaels from The Biggest Loser about how to get us a little uncomfortable. If you LOVE to workout at home with minimal tools, I recommend Jillian’s new Body Revolution DVD set.  There are 15 DVD’s to keep us inspired!

If you’re in need of new workout equipment, I suggest Fitglide! It works the whole body on a simple track and the two workout DVDs included are less than 20 minutes. Keep in mind that a one hour workout is only 4 per cent of your day; we all have time for a 20 - 30 minute workout!!

I have been a trainer for over 25 years and in my experience those who plan and have the right tools have the most success staying on track.  Let me and all the amazing fitness products that are available at The Shopping Channel help you achieve your goals.

Small daily improvements lead to staggering long term results!

Join me on Friday January 11, 2013 for my Facebook Chat at

Fitness Expert

Ride The Wave for a great workout

Hi everyone!

So excited to be launching The Wave Fitness System at The Shopping Channel this weekend.

This personal gym effectively combines your strength training and cardio to help you slim down, tone and strengthen. It’s unique design engages your core muscles while working those areas of most concern to women – hips, thighs and the back seat.

The Wave

Once you get your Wave home, here are sample workouts you can try (you’ll also receive 3 DVDs routines: 40-minute Rock It Off DVD, 10-minute Ride The Wave DVD, 30-minute Speed Slimming SCULPT )

Tune in to The Shopping Channel’s Fitness for Life show on Saturday July 3 to watch me demo The Wave. Have questions? I’d love to answer them on-air, call in at 1-888-2020-888.

ROCKING THE WAVE (with or without light weights)

  • Basic Rock
  • Double Rock – double, double, single x 4
  • Biceps
  • Biceps /Shoulder combo
  • Shoulders
  • Alternating shoulders
  • Double Shoulder – double double single x 4
  • Right Shoulder – opposite arm straight
  • Left shoulder
  • Triceps kick back


  • Basic arm pull
  • Arm pull and straight arm press
  • Chest pull
  • Chest pull and straight arm press
  • Oblique rock – sit cross legs , rock side to side
Fitness Expert

Rosalie Brown’s Total Gym Workout

Whether you one of the thousands of people who already own our best-selling Total Gym, or whether you’re thinking of kicking off a healthy 2010 by purchasing one, take note of this full body workout - courtesy of Fitness Expert & TV Guest Rosalie Brown.

Rosalie Brown’s Total Gym Workout

Warm Up
Place your Squat Stand or Bar at the bottom. The bench should be on level 2, 3 or 4

• 16 double leg squats (exercise 5 or 32 in manual)
• 8 single leg squats – right and left (exercise 25 in manual)
• 16 double mini leg press off (jumps)
• Repeat

Strength Training
The key to changing your body is to fatigue the muscle – the heavier the weight the faster you will fatigue. Aim for 24 to 30 reps of each exercise with no resting in between exercises unless needed.

A) With your Wing Bar placed at the of the Total Gym

1. Wide arm pull ups: (lying on face down on bench reach up for the wing bar and place your hands at the ends of the bar. Hands should be placed wider than your shoulders. With your palms facing down, pull up your body as you squeeze your shoulder blades together. (exercise 17 in your manual)

2. Hamstring leg pull: (lying on your back feet hook through wing bar by sliding your ankle through each side of the wing bar. (exercise 1 in your manual)

3. Chin ups: same as # 1 but with your palms facing up. (exercise 17 in manual)

4. Hamstring leg pull: same as # 2

5. Narrow grip pull ups: same as #1 with palms facing down with hands shoulder distant apart or slightly closer.

(Next section is for those who have the Ab Crunch Attachment. If you don’t have the Attachment go to directly to Section C)

B) With your Crunch Board and Squat Stand attached

1. Crunch: Place knees on bench and hands on crunch board. Pull knees up towards hands and then extend fully. Lower your knee position to get a full body stretch.
2. Jog or Squat or Mini Jumps: lie down with your feet on the squats stand and your knees bent close to 90 degrees or your most comfortable bent knee position. Quickly jog or squat or mini jump for 1 minute

Repeat above 2 exercises 3 times. Advance your Crunches by hovering your knees above the bench.

C) With your Cables attached

*sit facing cables
1. Seated Rows: sit down facing the center bar with a cable handle in each hand. Sit with good posture as you pull your hands towards your waist with elbows sliding behind your back. (exercise 4 in your manual)

2. Biceps Curls: start in same position as seated rows; pull your elbows so they touch your waist. Keep your elbows stationary as you curl up and down. (exercise 13 in manual)

3. Outer Thigh Press or Hip Abduction: start in same position as exercise 1 and 2. Grasp handles and place one foot at a time on the cables. Press your legs outward keeping your back tall and arms relaxed. (exercise 12 in manual)

4. Oblique Twister: sit sideways on bench and place cables together in your hands. Keep your arms slightly bent and rotate your arms from one side to the next (exercise 15 in manual) repeat to other side

5. Bench Chest Press: Grasp handles with your back facing center bar and sit on highest end of bench. Place your feet on the bench with bent knees as you extend your arms forward at chest height. Like a push up. (exercise 11 in manual)

6. Lying Overhead Press: Grasp cables as you lie down on your back. Extend your arms over your head keeping your elbows slightly bent as you pull over your body towards your knees. (exercise 2 in manual)

7. Pilates 100: (ab work) start in same position as exercise 6 with cable in your hands. Lift your head slightly and place hands beside your hips as you pulse straight arms up and down. If your neck gets fatigued, rest your head on the bench. Lift your legs off the bench for more challenge.

D) With your Wing Bar attached at the bottom of the Total Gym

1. Shoulder Press: Lie face down with your chest at the bottom of the board. Grasp wing bar with palms facing down in a wide grip position. Push away until arms are fully extended. (exercise 18 in manual)

2. Hip/Thigh/Ab Press: Place your knees at the bottom end of bench with your hands on the wing bar. Press your knees back to extend your legs without moving your hands or shoulders. Your shoulders should be directly above you hands. To advance this move, hover your knees above the bench. (exercise 16 in manual)

Stretch: Attach your cables and sit on the bench facing the center bar. Hold on to your cables as you sit on the bench with your legs fully extended on the bench in front of you. Gently let the cables pull your shoulders forward. You should feel a gentle stretch in your back, shoulders and legs. Hold for 20 – 30 seconds. (exercise 7 in manual).

Exercising through injury. Yes, you can!

Don’t let an injury keep you down!

As some of you may be aware, in October 2009 I had my second hip resurfacing surgery. One of the most important things I learned is that there are lots of ways to train your body even if you can’t get out of bed.

So for those of you who have mobility challenges, here is my Lower Body & Ab Exercise Routine that you don’t even have to get up and put your running shoes on!

Don’t be afraid to bring your exercise tools in bed or on to the couch – exercise bands, ankle weights, Smart Arms, Suzanne Somers Toning System and tubing also can make exercising in bed more effective.

Lower Body Bed Workout – 8 reps of each exercise
1. Point and flex your toes
2. Ankle circles in both directions
3. Leg slides – slide your legs up to 90 degree angle or whatever is comfortable and back down. Alternate for 8 reps and pull them both up together for 8 reps
4. Hip lifts – keep both knees bent and lift your buttock off the bed as high as you can. For more challenge, cross 1 leg over the other knee and lift you hips up and down. Repeat to the other side.
5. Buttock squeezes – squeeze your buttock cheeks tight together – hold for 6 counts and release for 2. Do this 8 times
6. Lie on one side and complete 8 leg lifts, 8 circles right and 8 circles left. Repeat to other leg
7. Roll over and get on your hands and knees. Extend 1 leg straight and pulse up and down 24 times and repeat to other leg.

Abdominal Bed Workout – 8 reps of each exercise unless stated otherwise. Start by lying on your back.
1. Bend both knees and with your hands reach for the top of each knee.
2. Bend both knees and reach for opposite knee with each hand.
3. Pilate pulses – With both knees bent reach hands past your hips lifting your head slightly and pump straight arms up and down 8 x 8 times (64 reps!)
4. Side reaches – reach right arm past right knee and then left arm past left knee to work oblique.
5. Bent knee crunch with single leg pull. Start by doing a basic crunch with both knees bent and then pull your right knee towards your chest as your head comes up. Do 8 reps on right then 8 reps on left and then alternate for 8 reps.
6. Roll over face down and go into a plank position. Bend your arms in 90 degree angle and rest on your forearms as you hold your lower body up on your toes. Hold this position for as long as you can, aiming for 30 seconds. If you need to take a break, bend your knees and then try again.
7. Roll ups or Push ups – since we are facing down, place your hands beside your shoulders and roll your body up as high as you can. Aim to roll up so just your knees are on the bed. For the more advance you can do a traditional push up.

Here’s to a healthy 2010 for all!
Rosalie Brown

Adding daily activity, even during the busiest time of the year!

A great way to increase the amount of calories you burn and keep your weight under control is to add calorie burning activities to your daily routine. Especially at this time of year, when you’re constantly on-the-go and have a million things to do!

Shopping: Park in the furthest spot in the lot before you set off for your holiday shopping! This can burn more that 100 calories to your day.

Take the Stairs: If your office or appointments are on the upper levels, hit the stairs and give up the elevator.

Milk and Egg Run: Don’t buy these at the big supermarkets, take a brisk power walk to the variety store that is close to your home.

Take a Stand: Standing burns more calories than sitting. Start by standing during all phone calls; stand on your bus/subway rides; stand while waiting for your flight; stand up for one of your favourite TV shows. Stand to comfort your baby -a great tip for new moms who are trying to lose those extra pounds.

Remember fitness and calorie burning is cumulative - every movement you do adds up to a healthier you!!

Have a happy & healthy Holiday!
Rosalie Brown

PS - The Shopping Channel’s Live Better Event kicks off first thing January 1st. We’re devoting the entire month to health, wellness & fitness solutions. Meet your goals, your way!

Stay festively fit, even with Holiday temptations

Every December I make my clients step on the scale and our goal is to be the same weight in January.  December is about maintaining your weight not losing weight.  I have done this for years and over 90% of my clients are successful while a few gain just a few pounds.  To do this it is important to squeeze in your workouts - even short ones on a daily basis and to be prepared to be tempted when faced with holiday treats.

Try the following:

1) When invited to a party, do not go hungry!!  I always eat a bowl of All Bran Buds cereal before heading out.  This helps me make fewer and better choices.

2) Hang out with the veggies - stand (burns more calories than sitting!) away from food areas that will sabotage your weight.

3) Allow yourself 2 treats for the night.  Eat slowly and savor!  I save my selection for the end of the party as a reward for making good choices throughout the evening.  Keep the treats small, my reward is usually some chocolate!!

4) Watch the alcohol!!  Alcohol is not only an enemy to your metabolism - slows it down, but it affects your will power!!  Fill your class with soda water and just a splash of wine.

Have a happy & healthy Holiday!

Rosalie Brown

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Fitness tip: Importance of strength training for fat loss

September is one of my favorite months! We get back on routine and look forward to starting new routines. If strength training is not a part of your routine, start NOW! You will get faster weight loss results and get a stronger, firmer, youthful body. Strength training should be the largest portion of your exercise program. I recommend doing at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity 6 to 7 times a week, including strength training exercises. You can lift weights, use tubing, resistance bands, do push-ups or sit-ups or include many of the great products offered at The Shopping Channel. I am a big fan of Leg Magic, Power 90X, EZ Gym workout … the list is endless!

Strength training keeps your metabolism in high gear long after the workout is over. Every pound of muscle you add burns 50 to 100 more calories at rest. That means if you add five pounds of muscle, your body will burn anywhere from 250 to 500 extra calories per day at rest. In fact, on your off days in between strength training sessions, your body is using extra calories to repair the muscular damage done during weight training, further accelerating your metabolism. Strong women stay young!

Rosalie Brown

See all of Rosalie Brown’s Fitness Tips

Fitness tip: Increasing fat burn when you workout


I often get asked, what is the best way to burn the most amount of fat when exercising? Many studies now prove that high-intensity training causes more fat loss than low-intensity training. The more intense you train the more calories you burn during exercise and after exercising - even while you sleep.


High intensity doesn’t necessarily mean high impact or training at super fast speeds, it just means what ever exercises you choose it has to be challenging for your personal fitness level. So next time you go for a walk - interval train. Rather than walking at the same pace for 30 minutes, do a challenging 1-minute power walk alternating with 1 minute easier pace. You will burn more fat and calories in the same amount of time!!

Rosalie Brown


Get in gear with our full selection of fitness items


Your healthy summer lifestyle. 5 easy tips.

1. Exercise every day. Aim for 30 minutes alternating one day cardio and one day strength. Walking outdoors in the early morning, during a lunch break or in the cool evening hours doesn’t even feel like exercise.  Strength training can be done in minimal time when you have some basic fitness tools.  Choose 10 strength exercises and do each exercise for 1 minute.

2. Plan out your meals weekly. I find it is easier to make better food choices this time of year.  I swear the strawberries have never tasted better.  Lot of fresh available produce not only tastes great, it is low in calories.  Plan a 7 day menu such as: chicken on Monday, fish on Tuesday, steak on Wednesday, wraps on Thursday, chili on Friday, lean burgers on Saturday and pasta with protein on Sunday.

3. Choose lean protein. Start each meal with proteins such as eggs, turkey, chicken, lean beef, or fish.  Studies show that people who have more protein in their diet loose more weight.  I personally start every day (after my morning workout) with an egg white omelet.  With summer here, barbecuing chicken, lean burgers and fish are a personal favorite.  I always make extra so I have protein to throw in a salad for my next day’s lunch. 

4. Stay away from white foods. Rice, sugars, white bread and pasta.  I know you have heard this over and over, but if you want to see big results, say bye bye.

5. Make smart drink choices. Water, low fat milk, unsweetened tea and coffee are excellent beverage choices.  Minimize your juice intake by having the fruit instead.  You will gain more fiber and LESS calories.

My favorite summer drink is to blend fresh strawberries with crystal light pink lemonade.  So refreshing and low in calories!

Have a healthy, happy summer
Rosalie Brown

How are you staying healthy this summer? Share your fit & fabulous tips with the fellow readers, click on the Comments icon below.