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Do the Body Good in 2013 with Rosalie Brown!

It’s the beginning of 2013 and we have a great year ahead of us! A new year brings the opportunity to do the body good! Let’s get on track (or back on track!) with the RIGHT tools to create the healthiest and strongest body possible!

One of my favorite fitness sayings is, “Being uncomfortable for 30 to 60 minutes a day exercising is better than being uncomfortable your whole life”.  Yes I said it; sometimes we need to get a little uncomfortable to achieve what is worthwhile.  Nobody knows better than Jillian Michaels from The Biggest Loser about how to get us a little uncomfortable. If you LOVE to workout at home with minimal tools, I recommend Jillian’s new Body Revolution DVD set.  There are 15 DVD’s to keep us inspired!

If you’re in need of new workout equipment, I suggest Fitglide! It works the whole body on a simple track and the two workout DVDs included are less than 20 minutes. Keep in mind that a one hour workout is only 4 per cent of your day; we all have time for a 20 - 30 minute workout!!

I have been a trainer for over 25 years and in my experience those who plan and have the right tools have the most success staying on track.  Let me and all the amazing fitness products that are available at The Shopping Channel help you achieve your goals.

Small daily improvements lead to staggering long term results!

Join me on Friday January 11, 2013 for my Facebook Chat at

Fitness Expert

All you have to do is ask!

Category: Tech With Red

Introducing the ivee, a voice controlled talking radio brought to you by Interactive Voice Inc. Just say it and the iveealarm clock will tell you the time, alarm, temperature and allow you to select sleep modes and sounds. It also has a built-in digital FM radio which makes this the ideal alarm clock in anybody’s home or office.

You say “Hello ivee” and she listens allowing you to speak over 30 voice commands. Have you ever had trouble with setting your alarm clock in the past? Is the one you have ancient and looks like it should be in the movie Back to the Future? If so, this slick white base unit with a built-in nightlight works right out of the box. It has a 5 inch LED display which is easy to see from far away. For the snoozers out there, this clock features up to a 9 minute snooze time. In case of a power outage, the included round button cell battery will last for up to 100 hours so you will always wake up on time.

It features voice recognition technology power by NLP (Natural Language Processor) so there is no training required, just talk and ivee™ listens – all you have to do is ask.

Visit our website for more information on the Ivee-Flex Voice Activated Clock Radio.

- Marianthe Mesbouris

BeautyCrazed Says IT Cosmetics Is A Hit For Summer!

Thank you, BeautyCrazed, for the great IT Cosmetics Review!

Taken from BeautyCrazed

IT Cosmetics Brow Pencil
When I saw this universal eyebrow pencil, I thought I had to try it because I didn’t believe it would work…the surprise? It does work. First of all, I’m not a fan of brow pencils - I prefer brow shadow duos - but after using this brow pencil, I got such a natural effect that I’ve incorporated this pencil in my daily makeup routine.

Now here is the kicker: I asked my blonde friend Nina to test it and again she loved it. Obviously, she didn’t need to use as much as me. She was a bit pissed though, because she had just spent a good deal of money on makeup including a Lancome brow pencil and mascara (her Definicils Lancome mascara was fabulous, however)…oh well that’s what friends are for!

I have no idea if it would work on a red-head but it worked on my very dark thick eyebrows and on my friend’s light eyebrows, so to me it delivered on its “universal” promise. Don’t ask me how this is possible, I’m still scratching my head on this one.  You can buy this pencil only on the Shopping Channel in Canada ($24) or on the IT Cosmetics website.


The Shopping Channel Gets a Few Shout-Outs!

Check out some amazing reviews on some of our products available online at The Shopping

For Ojon Advance Volumizing shampoo and conditioner on
Canadian Beauty

For Perricone MD Cold Body Plasma on

Beauty Crazed

For Nail Tek Hydration Therapy Colour 4 Pack in Sweetlife’s national email of their top 10 Favourite New Beauty Products.

Sweet Spot

For Lancaster Oil-Free Milky Spray SPF 15 on

Beauty Crazed

Fabulous Fashion Trends under $50

After trolling multiple fashion websites, I came across Chatelaine’s Fabulous fashion and beauty finds for under $50. Knowing we here, at The Shopping Channel, can also give you some amazing ideas to get you savings, all the while still looking like the trendsetter we know you are, following the exact trends Chatelaine is showcasing!

Power player

Add some sophistication to your everyday look with a haute little handbag.

David Sigal Double Handle Belted Tote

Stylish Savings Price $29.87

Fierce feet

Walk on the wild side with these chic and comfortable Bos. and Co. Gladiator Flat sandals.

Stylish Savings Price $47.88

Ring pop

A statement ring is an easy way to work bold colours into your wardrobe.

Our Price: $34.86

The bright stuff

Score major style points by pairing vibrant colours with metallic details like these gold accessories.

Stylish Savings Price $28.00
Dazzling Deal $15.12

Hit the beach

Love the sun in style with these vintage-inspired frames with Joan Rivers Look of Couture Crystal Accent Sunglasses

Our Price: $39.85

Colour play

The ’70s are back, and bright eyeshadow is perfect for summer parties with Shiseido Satin Eye Color Trio

Our Price: $40.00

Fuss-free accessory

A pretty printed scarf finishes off any summer outfit.

Our Price: $22.66

Secret weapon

Good news: This lip colour lasts for hours. Bad news: You won’t need to show off its gorgeous case very often.

Our Price: $28.80
So there you have it - 8 fabulous pieces, all under $50.00 each, all the while being a fashion vixen!
Happy Shopping! xoxo

Why settle for less? You don’t have to with our Today’s Showstopper

More people choose HP than any other brand in the world, because you get more for your money and a better design. Why settle for less? You can demand more and get it with the HP Pavilion g4 Today’s Showstopper (9 Easy Pay payments of $77.55 - today only!)

The standard features in this notebook offer are exceptional. You can take advantage of the upgraded 6-cell battery for up to 3 hours and 30 minutes of work, play, school or social time. You can watch HD movies or stream content from the internet and not worry about a thing with the AMD Vision processor. You get a combination of cutting-edge processing with your offer and video power that allows you to experience vivid web and video content along with photos and crystal clear music.

Relax with HP’s 24/7 Support. You can enjoy a lifetime use of HP support with HP Support Assistant to help you troubleshoot problems and get assistance when you need it. You also have the ability to call HP for 2 years with the extended warranty.

Connect online fast and easy too! You have a built-in Webcam that lets you chat live, capture video and still images. Use Cyberlink YouCam software built in to add personal touches to your videos and pictures. That’s a bonus in the offer.

Finally, the premium accessories that form this package fit in so naturally you will wonder how you ever did without them before. Use your premium headset to listen to music or watch movies. Put your g4 into its notebook sleeve and travel to wherever life takes you. Use the mouse to connect to favourite sites. Get onboard with Microsoft Office Home & Student 2010 to get organized and communicate. Do this all the HP way, which means for quality for less. When you add in The Shopping Channel into this equation, it equals peace of mind.

Marianthe Mesbouris
The Shopping Channel’s Electronics Expert

Carmindy is Back at The Shopping Channel!

Carmindy is back at The Shopping Channel, and now she’s got her best secret weapon for any woman on the go - her 5 Minute Face Lift!

We just LOVE Carmindy because not only does she make her makeup so easy to apply and look great, but the shades are also in tones that can make all women find their inner makeup artist.

Six luxurious products that include Luminous Matte Pressed Powder, a Natural highlighter, a Natural powder blush, Forever Stay eye pencil, Lift and Define Mascara and a Forever Stay Moisture lip gloss yours for only $64.52, today only! Show starts at 9:00am ET.

Our Price: $69.00
Today Only $64.52
Your Savings: $4.48
3 Easy Pay® : of $21.51

Chatelaine Shares Anti-Aging Ingredients That Really Work

There are some things in life we assume work perfectly - Our coffee maker, airplanes, and batting your lashes when an officer pulls you over. However, there has been much skepticism around the concept of anti-aging ingredients. Are we really getting what we need out of our skin care routine?

Depending on certain factors like your genetics or how much time you crisped yourself on those hot summer days in your teens, your aging skin will reflect the choices you made, or even the ones you didn’t. How do we know that we are doing the best for our skin? What should we look for as consumers to ensure we are investing our money into a suitable product?

Here are some ingredients taken from Chatelaine’s article, and a few item suggestions, to help you on your path to skin enlightenment.

Alpha lipoic acid: Lipoic acid is an antioxidant compound involved in healthy blood sugar balance and insulin action. This dual action provides highly protective, anti-aging benefits for our skin by reducing the risk of glycation — the abnormal attachment of sugar to our skin cells causing wrinkling and aging.

Tea extracts: A 2003 study from the University Hospitals of Cleveland and Case Western Reserve University found that certain antioxidant compounds in white tea extract are effective in improving skin cell immunity and offering protection from the damaging effects of the sun. Evidently, a skin cream containing these tea extracts may offer potent anti-aging and anti-cancer benefits.

DMAE: Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE) boosts the production of acetylcholine, as well as a component of cell membranes, phosphatidylcholine. DMAE may be the first clinically proven agent to effectively combat facial sagging.

Vitamin C: Topical use of a product containing stabilized vitamin C can increase the production of collagen in the skin. It can also promote skin cell growth and aid in cell regeneration, which translates to younger-looking skin and improved firmness. The form of vitamin C used in your skin care products is important because it has the potential to become unstabilized, which leads to a potentially harmful source of free-radical stress. Ascorbyl–palmitate, the fat soluble form of vitamin C, appears to be the most beneficial and stable type for use in skin care products. It should be present in significant concentrations to boost collagen production in the skin.

So, remember that although some damage might have been done, there are ways to revive the elasticity of your skin with the help of the aforementioned ingredients.

For more information, visit Chatelaine’s link at–four-anti-aging-ingredients-that-really-work

Looking for some items to help your skin bounce back? Take a peek at