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Interior Designer Hilary Farr is Here!

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Home décor shoppers are thrilled that Hilary Farr has brought her collection to The Shopping Channel. We sat down with Hilary prior to her shows to get all the details on her gorgeous pieces, but also to pick her brain about interior design and style!

Q: Describe the Hilary Farr Collection you’re bringing to The Shopping Channel.

A: I wanted to design a year-round quilted duvet cover set that was gorgeous, but also functional so that it could be used during both warmer and cooler months. I’ve created an all-season coverlet that can be used with or without a duvet. It’s very elegant, very luxurious, and comes in colours that were inspired by childhood in England. The colours will work with every décor and design style.

Q: What do you think customers of The Shopping Channel will like most about your collection?

A: I think customers will love the versatility. The duvet cover set is washable and can be washed several times and will still look just as beautiful as day one. The collection is rich with texture, colour, and above all luxury that will provide a chic look!

Q: What’s your design style?

A: I love anything that carries a memory. I would say transitional and definitely eclectic - to the max!

Q: What’s the number one mistake homeowners make when decorating their homes?

A: The biggest issue with homeowners that I see is they don’t understand the importance of scale. For instance, they’ll see an over-sized sofa and love it, but when they bring it home it overwhelms the space. I think that’s one of the hardest things to understand, but it’s very important! I suggest looking at the height of your ceilings above all, that’s one of the biggest things to take into consideration.

Q: What design question do you get asked the most and how do you answer it?

A: Windows coverings are a huge concern with a lot of people, especially now with so many buildings having large windows - which are absolutely stunning! The question is how to use window coverings? A blind will solve the problem if you have a big window that doesn’t have enough wall space on either side for curtains.

Q: What’s your number one design tip?

A: Above all be true to yourself. Incorporate what you love and what makes you comfortable into the room. Don’t follow a trend simply because it’s a trend. Yes, go outside your comfort zone because otherwise you’ll get stuck in a rut. However, if you go too far against what you actually feel good in, your home won’t be a sanctuary anymore.

Q: What’s it like on the set of Love It or List It?

A: Every day is different! There are days that are very long and absolutely gruelling, but there’s an enormous amount of laughing!

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