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Spring Fashion Week at The Shopping Channel

It’s Spring Fashion Week here at The Shopping Channel and we have everything you need to bring your wardrobe up to date for this FRESH new season! Read on to learn about some of our must-have spring fashion essentials.

The spring season is notorious for being pumped with bright colour, and this year is no different. Infuse vibrant colours into your wardrobe with bold dresses, hand bags and shoes!


Our Sam & Kate Carrie Double Buckle Hobo is available in great spring colours which include green, teal, and white. This spacious handbag is outfitted with pebble grain leather and a unique double leather detailing weave throughout the top edge of handbag. For added convenience, this purse is detailed with a magnetic snap closure and an additional adjustable shoulder strap.


One might say that shoes make the outfit, that’s why we love these Libby Edelman Ballet Flats. Available in white, pink and turquoise, these shoes are sure to put your best foot forward-especially during the spring season. The cut-out medallion with designer’s initials on the front vamp is sure to keep you stylish while the flexible rubber outsole keeps you comfy and stable.


Our Liz Lange Ultimate Tie Front Maxi Dress is ideal for the warmer months because of its versatility. It’s loose fitting and will keep you cool while you’re in the heat, but its length gives you coverage from the sun’s rays and offers warmth on chilly nights. Get it in fuchsia and this dress will easily take you from spring to summer!

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Cooking with Ease!

Category: General

We’re so grateful for the innovations that make us more efficient in the kitchen. Here are some great products offered by The Shopping Channel that will get your meals on the table with ease!

Eggies™ System
The tedious job of peeling a hardboiled egg has finally been eliminated! With the Eggies™ System. All you need to do is break open a raw egg, drop it in the Eggie, boil it and pop it out once it’s cooked!

This product is also great for someone on a restrictive diet, like those who only eat egg whites. Instead of separating your yolk and egg whites, buy a carton of egg whites and cook them hardboiled in the Eggie. Add some seasonings and ingredients to the Eggie before you cook your egg whites for a customized creation!

Kuhn Rikon Auto Attach Can Opener & Jar Opener Set
Instead of struggling to get your jars and cans open without ruining your brand new manicure, invest in this the Kuhn Rikon Auto Attach Can Opener & Jar Opener Set. This dynamic duo will likely become vital members of your kitchen ensemble and you’ll find yourself reaching for them time and time again.
The Side Wind Can Opener opens canned food with ease leaving no sharp edges on the lid or can. This helpful tool also ensures metal pieces from the top of the can don’t fall into your food - an added bonus for even the most health conscious consumers.
The 5-in-1 Jar Opener locks onto twist lids to create leverage that opens jars in a snap! It also helps you open bottle caps, pull tab lids, ring tab cans, and flip top bottles with little effort.

Debbie Meyer Reynolds Handi-Vac
The only downside to some kitchen innovations is the bulky size - but not with the Debbie Meyer Reynolds Handi-Vac. This compact product not only helps you plan your meals, but also stores your food and seals in the freshness by removing and locking out air.

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Spring cleaning, organizing and storing!

Spring is a time of year often associated with fresh starts and new beginnings-hence the common practice of SPRING CLEANING!

Who doesn’t love the smell of a clean house and the sense of rhyme and rhythm in a home? The feeling of being organized, clean and orderly is a great one and is the reason why so many are accustom to this yearly tradition.

If you are one of these spring cleaners here is a list of items available at The Shopping Channel that will help you not only CLEAN, but ORGANIZE and STORE this spring!

Visually Appealing storage:

The best way to organize yourself is to CATEGORIZE your belongings. Our set of three Muarry Faux Leather Storage Boxes will help group like items in your home. They come in different sizes along with a decorative print which makes them great to store in a closet or out where the eye can see!

Take the process one step further and use a home printer to create neat and professional looking labels for each box. We suggest printing labels on our Canon MX882 Wireless All In One Inkjet Printer. Attach the label to the outside of a storage box so you’ll know what’s inside without having to open the lid!

When it comes to storing the countless remote controls in your living room, use our Brown Faux Leather Remote Control Storage Box to keep these handy tools close by yet discreetly hidden. Use the photo insert to add a personal decorative element to the room.


A happy home is a functional home where the most commonly used items can be found easily and quickly. Our Household Essentials 4-Tier Revolving Shoe Tree will be a stable home for up to 24 pairs of shoes and will help keep your doorway clear. To accommodate a closet’s shelving, the tiers’ height are adjustable and feature a revolving wire rack to help you find your shoes when you’re rushing out the door!

Workable Space:

Doing the laundry for an entire household is a tall order that requires professional tools to get the job done right the first time! Create workable space in your laundry room with our Westex Corner Valet. This pole holds up to 44 hangers which create the ideal space to clean, dry, steam and organize your laundry.

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