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It’s National Shopping Day! We’re CELEBRATING with 4 Today’s Showstoppers PLUS - Extra Special ONLINE only offers!

For the third year in a row, The Shopping Channel declares October 1st National Shopping Day. We’re kicking off the holiday shopping season in style, literally, with the incomparable, Joan Rivers and her Classics Collection. It’s Joan’s 15th anniversary at The Shopping Channel and she leads the charge with one of FOUR amazing Today’s Showstoppers for the day.

Watch for other great brands like PRAI Skin Care and Heys Luggage and so much more. Can’t get enough? Be sure to check out, from jewellery to beauty to electronics, we have thousands of items to choose from online, anytime. Be a part of Shopping Channel history and get your holiday shopping underway this Saturday October 1st, our 3rd Annual National Shopping Day.

The Joan Rivers Touch of Sparkle Sequin Blazer is Joan’s FIRST APPAREL Today’s Showstopper launching today! Joan’s apparel line is a CUSTOMER FAVOURITE and it received a SHOPPIE AWARD. This jacket will be featured in the November issue of VOGUE magazine. This is a must-have piece for the holiday season. Sequins are a HOT TREND which can be seen on the runway, fashion blogs/magazines and on celebrities. Menswear on women is all the rage this season – this jacket is a feminine spin on the trendy tuxedo jacket.

Our Price: $135.80

Today’s Showstopper Price: $99.87


Heys is synonymous with great looking, high performance luggage for all your travel needs. The number 1 selling luggage at The Shopping Channel and we have sold over 200,000 Heys items in the past 8 years! Heys is celebrating their 25 years in the business!

The Heys 3 Piece Lightweight Expandable Spinner Luggage offers fashionable luggage from a CANADIAN DESIGNER BRAND!
The last three of our 3 piece luggage set Today’s Showstoppers have SOLD OUT EARLY. Expandability provides 25% more packing space. This luggage provides maximum packability while staying within airline restrictions.

Our Price: $339.97

Today’s Showstopper Price: $199.98


PRAI Beauty is a global, world renowned collection of luxurious, age-defying skincare, infused with their unique, signature ingredients including PRAI Root essence, which is exclusive to PRAI. This historical botanical was used in secret recipes, reserved for royalty, and is now brought to you via advanced skincare formulations that make skin look and feel beautiful. Pure PRAI … Pure Genius!

The PRAI 6 Piece Customer Favourites Collection is filled with PRAI CUSTOMER FAVOURITES and the BRAND NEW Ageless Throat Night Advanced Recovery Crème! Separately the pieces in this collection retail for $334.45!
Pure PRAI Intensive Serum alone retails for $119.99 The ADVANCED FORMULATIONS in this collection help your SKIN LOOK & FEEL BEAUTIFUL! This collection helps target the visible appearance of lines & wrinkles, helps address the loss of firmness and elasticity and helps reduce the look of uneven skin tone.
The perfect collection to help your skin transition from summer to fall/winter. A wonderful addition to any skin care routine – this collection will work well with your existing PRAI products.

Our Price: $129.99

Today’s Showstopper Price: $49.87


Still popular today, Tiffany inspired creations are timeless stained glass pieces made in very similar ways to the original Louis Comfort Tiffany creations. The technique involves individual pieces of coloured glass, which are joined together usually by copper foil to create wonderful, timeless lamps, screens, etc.

The Tiffany Style Wisteria Peacock Lamp is an EXCEPTIONAL VALUE - this lamp has over 600 cuts of glass and is under $100! Each lamp is an original – NO TWO ARE ALIKE! A wonderful heirloom piece inspired by original Tiffany designs. Wisteria is one of the most popular models ever created by Tiffany! Quality craftsmanship and impeccable detail. Made from hand cut glass and a hand finished base.

Our Price: $149.96

Today’s Showstopper Price: $99.96


Last but not least, we’re offering a minimum of 4 Easy Pay payments on every item, now through the holidays! Just another good reason to shop at The Shopping Channel!

A letter from Dr. Markou N.D. & Well Balanced

Hello Viewers,

I just finished with my 9am appearance and i wanted to send you a personal message about the theme of the show today. We are looking at the Immune System, our Well Balanced immune formulation is an amazing daily immune boost. Taken 1 cap three times daily preferably on an empty stomach for best results, this product will increase your immune system. Plant sterols and sterolins are recognized as one of the most important phytonutrients for human health.  This unique blend of sterols and sterolins is found naturally in fruit, vegetables, seeds and nuts. Our Immune Boost will help boost your immune system.

Dr. Elias Markou, BSc Hons., RHN, R. Ac., ND
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine


Give your style a… BIG BOLD boost!

Sam & Kate Handbags are designed exclusively for The Shopping Channel; you won’t find them anywhere else! These are hot, trendy and stylish bags in all shapes and sizes. You are sure to find one or even more than one to fit your needs and style!
More hot, new fall handbags have hit The Shopping Channel! Sam & Kate Handbags feature timeless leather designs, with a touch of playfulness. These are classic pieces that you’ll pull out of your closet for years to come. This show included many new items from this quality handbag line.

Our Price: $165.90

Today’s Showstopper Price: $128.98

Easy Pay 4 x $32.25

The Sam & Kate Pebble Leather Drawstring Tote with Shoulder Strap is fashionable and functional -  this tote is HOT FOR FALL!
You’ll see this style of bag in fashion magazines and on celebrities. The GENEROUS SIZE makes it ideal for everyday use and features several pockets on the interior and exterior.
Incredible value for a bag made from PREMIUM QUALITY PEBBLE LEATHER! This leather is soft, malleable and gets better with age.
Similar bags from high end fashion designers cost hundreds of dollars more.
This bag comes in FIVE RICH COLOURS, which are perfect for fall/winter.

You can WEAR THIS BAG IN TWO WAYS thanks to the detachable shoulder strap!
We worked with Sam & Kate to create this bag just for our customers! This bag is only available here.


The Ultimate Portable Performer and SO MUCH more!

Since its founding in 1976, Acer has achieved the goal of breaking the barriers between people and technology. With over 30 years of making history in the fast-paced IT industry, Acer’s far-reaching strategy of focusing on R&D and marketing development has laid the foundations and created a company ready to embrace the challenges of the future.

Enjoy a whole new touch experience with our incredible Today’s Showstopper. Lightweight and running on the tablet-tailored Android operating system, the Acer 16GB tablet sports a capacitive multi-touch display with opens up new possibilities for interaction. Bundled with every accessory you’ll ever need, this bold offering is a must for those looking for a power-packed tablet.
The Acer® Iconia A500 16GB Tablet with Dock, Case, HDMI, Travel Adapter & Application Suite is mobility of a tablet combined with the productivity of a notebook!

Today’s Showstopper is 9 Easy Pay Payments of $55.56

Our Price: $649.99

Today’s Showstopper: $499.99
Enjoy a world of apps brought to you by the Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system. Catch up on email, watch videos and connect with friends via the built-in webcam. This is a great value for a complete tablet bundle – no need to buy additional accessories!
When sold separately this bundle retails for $722.96!
Separately, the dock with remote, case, HDMI travel adapter and the software/application package retails for $359.95 PLUS 9 EASY PAY
The device offers extended storage, beyond its 1GB standard memory and 16GB flash memory, with a memory card reader that supports up to 32GB additional storage via microSD and microSDHC cards.
The high resolution touchscreen with a Micro HDMI slot lets you enjoy your favourite movies or games on your tablet or on the big screen.
This bundle is only available at The Shopping Channel in Canada.

Software/Application package includes:
- $10 credit from Emusic (14 day membership – no commitment)
- New version of Splashtop (lets you access your PC from the Archos or another PC) – retail value of $49.99
- QuickOffice HD - retail value of $15
- $30 game credit for Glu
- SOS 50GB of data backup for 1 year – retail value of $79.95


Bye-Bye Wrinkles…Meet the 2 iron-clad pros

The Eurosteam Evolution Iron features a ceramic sole-plate for more even heat distribution and greater assurance that not even the lightest of materials will melt or stick to the iron, giving you the highest quality for your ironing needs!
Who doesn’t want to save time and money? With the Eurosteam Iron with Mini Travel Iron you can have polished looking garments at home and on-the-go. This affordable TS comes from Eurosteam, a company which has specialized in steam products for over 25 years – so you know it’s quality you can trust. This show also features a variety of items which will help simplify your busy lifestyle.

Our Price: $179.00

Today’s Showstopper Price: $133.30

Easy Pay 4 x $33.33

The EuroSteam® Evolution Iron with Mini Travel Iron is made with revolutionary technology and can be used on any fabric! It works on delicate fabrics such as linen and silk but is powerful enough to iron through 10 layers! Built-in boiler – most irons feature a separate tank with a ceramic sole-plate – similar to that found on high end curling irons.

ACHIEVE PROFESSIONAL LOOKING RESULTS AT AN INCREDIBLE VALUE! You will receive the powerful 800 watt Eurosteam iron AND a convenient mini travel iron!
The mini travel iron is the world’s smallest steam iron with a dual voltage choice
Features both vertical and horizontal steam projection to make quick work of even the toughest wrinkles
Safer than most other irons on the market – it will never melt, scorch or damage any fabric.

Shop for “key” items, such as The EuroSteam® Evolution Iron with Mini Travel Iron for our Full House Contest through to September 29th and be automatically entered to win our Grand Prize valued at over $15,000 Including brand new kitchen appliances from KitchenAid, brand new mattresses for the whole family from Envirotech and so much more!

Visit The Shopping Channel for all the exciting details!


A Shapely Silhouette… SO Sharply Priced

Our Price: $54.00

Today’s Showstopper Price: $39.92

Sara Blakely, wanted footless body shaping pantyhose to wear with her cream-coloured pants and open-toed shoes, but she couldn’t find them anywhere. Frustrated consumer turned entrepreneur, Sara took $5,000 in savings, invented and patented footless pantyhose, and began her adventure in the $2 billion male-dominated hosiery industry.

Obsessed with creating comfortable, slimming garments that minimize figure flaws, Sara reinvented shapewear with innovative designs and smart features and won the hearts of fashion-loving women, Spanx has developed and launched more than 100 styles.

The innovative undergarments that define the meaning of slimming, shaping and contouring all areas of a woman’s body –from bras and hosiery to swimsuits, Spanx has you covered and leaves you feeling empowered from within! Along with this exciting Today’s Showstopper look for the brand new butt boosting girl shorts, tights for fall and other basic Spanx Simplicity items.

Spanx In-Power Line Super Higher Power Panty gets you a trimmed, tightened silhouette! Mega compression zones smooth the waistline and slim the tummy, thighs and rear while eliminating visible panty lines.

This ULTRA-COMFORTABLE undergarment won’t constrict or dig into your skin!
The fabric is sleek and lightweight and the soft hosiery fabric of the waistband helps keep the shaper in place.

We offer the same price, no matter the size as many retailers charge more for larger sizes.

The Shopping Channel is the #1 place to buy your Spanx – we have the largest selection and have sold nearly 350,000 items here.


A Substantial Look without the Substantial Price Tag

Tune in for a stunning collection of diamond jewellery set in sterling silver, including our beautiful and affordable Today’s Showstopper. Don’t miss out on key pieces which will enhance any collection.

Our Price: $169.99

Today’s Showstopper Price: $119.96

Easy Pay 4 x $29.99

Sterling Silver 0.75 ctw. Diamond Ring has an outstanding value given the price of diamonds and sterling silver today!
75 points of diamonds and 5 grams of silver for UNDER $150!


Some will know this as the “Stairway to Heaven” design – it represents the steps we all take in life to get to the next level.

This ring is only available at The Shopping Channel with 4 EASY PAY!


Unsurpassed Sleep Comfort…Reaches new heights

EnviroTech™ high-quality memory foam mattresses, pillows, toppers, and accessories adjust to your body’s individual shape and weight. Featuring breakthrough technology and innovative support, the visco memory foam envelopes every curve for better balance, comfort, and alignment. For customized comfort, fitting for any lifestyle, look no further than EnviroTech.
EnviroTech’s™ specialty sleep products provide the perfect balance of comfort and support, giving you the distinct floating feeling as you enjoy a restful, luxurious sleep.

Our Price: $889.96

Today’s Showstopper Price: $579.96

9 Easy Pay Available

EnviroTech™ 10” Memory Foam Mattress is an incredible value! You won’t find a 10” memory foam mattress of this quality at this price anywhere else! Engineered with INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY to bring you unparalleled sleep comfort! It’s 9X COOLER AND 5X MORE RESPONSIVE than traditional memory foam. The deluxe removable LUXURY CASHMERE BLEND cover is found only on high-end mattresses! Made from ultra soft cashmere yarn and antibacterial - wicks away moisture.

Made out of the finest cosmetic-grade ingredients with no fillers or harmful ingredients, CFC, halogen and latex free, 100% hypoallergenic, allergen & dust mite resistant!
No flipping, rotating or turning of the mattress required! Comes with a 15 year warranty and only available here and 9 EASY PAY!
This is the first time we’ve offered a 10” mattress as a Today’s Showstopper!


Power & Protection to Revitalize & Restore

Elizabeth Grant is a Canadian owned company that is internationally recognized. On the strength of her miracle blend, Torricelumn™, and her own determination and perseverance, Elizabeth evolved the company from a home-based business to a multi-million dollar global corporation.
Pamper your skin with luxurious skin care treatments from the laboratories of Elizabeth Grant. Our Today’s Showstopper features Elizabeth’s best-selling serums, which will help repair the sun damage and get your skin ready for fall!

Our Price: $149.99

Today’s Showstopper: $69.97

Easy Pay: 4 x $17.49

Elizabeth Grant’s Revive and Restore Triple Performance Serums are an intensive skin care system that features Elizabeth Grant’s BEST-SELLING SERUMS in FULL SIZES!
These serums help to revitalize, tighten and brighten your skin to bring forth a healthy, younger-looking you!
Perfect for preparing your skin for the upcoming change of season and helps to improve the environmental damage which your skin has endured over the summer with an INCREDIBLE VALUE - when sold separately, the pieces in this collection retail for $404.94! The Wrinkle Repair Concentrate retails for $74.99 on its own.

This collection is only available at The Shopping Channel with 4 EASY PAY!


Limited Quantities on 46″ Toshiba TV

Experience a fantastic offer with a new dimension in home entertainment right in the comfort of your living room! This Toshiba 3D LED TV creates an experience so realistic that you will be tempted to reach out and touch the action.

The Toshiba 46″ 1080p 240Hz 3D LED TV comes with 4 sets of 3D Glasses. Limited quantities available.

Our Price: $1,684.34
Web Special $899.99
Your Savings: $784.35
Easy Pay® : 6 payments of $150.00