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Morningware for Smarter, Healthier and Faster Cooking!

This is the original infrared convection oven from Morningware. This oven will save you money and time while you enjoy a restaurant quality meal at home! Cut the cooking time up to 50% and save energy by 85% thanks to four ways of cooking, which are under a worldwide patent.
Dazzle your family and friends with your great culinary skills! We’re featuring kitchen and food items which make cooking easier and more creative than ever. From frozen to fabulous, you can have a meal in minutes with our innovative and affordable Today’s Showstopper! Today, we are introducing the Morningware Halo Oven Deluxe and we are the first to carry this model in Canada. Either frozen or fresh - a healthy, low fat and complete meal is ready when you are.

Our Price: $139.99

Today’s Showstopper: $89.99

Easy Pay 4 x $22.50

Morningware Infrared Halogen Oven Deluxe with Extender Ring Cook SMARTER, FASTER, HEALTHIER
Four Way Cooking versatility - Conduction, Convection, Infrared or Halogen

FOUR WAY COOKING - conduction, convection, infrared and halogen.

This oven cooks the inside of your food and seals in the natural juices without burning the outside. The instant heat from the halogen oven allows you to cook different foods at the same time.
Save time, energy and money, this oven works 50% FASTER and uses 85% LESS ENERGY than a conventional oven.
It uses 1/3 of the energy consumed by most conventional ovens and cooks twice as fast and requires no pre-heating or defrosting required and it won’t heat up your kitchen.

Create healthy and great tasting meals in minutes! No need for oil or added fats – your food won’t sit in its’ own grease. It roasts, broils, BBQs, bakes, toasts, steams and dehydrates!

This is the LARGEST countertop convection oven (can cook up to a 23 lb turkey!) and features 15 different cooking temperature settings – 190° to 400° F. This is the first time we are offering the Halogen Oven Deluxe and we have the lowest price in Canada!


T.I.P.S. Nail Care

T.I.P.S. stands for The Incredible Protection System, a lipid based conditioning nail strengthener developed for anyone who suffers from dry, brittle, cracked and peeling fingernails. Unlike most nail strengthening products, T.I.P.S. Nail Conditioner promotes strength through flexibility rather than hardness.

All of T.I.P.S. nail care and skin care products promote a systematic approach to beautification through safe and natural means.

T.I.P.S. is here today next on at 3:00pm ET for a look at their fantastic nail care line and what it has to offer.

The T.I.P.S. 6 Piece Canada’s Must Have Nail Treatment Set is yours for only $53.50.

This six piece complete nail and cuticle treatment set features everything you need for beautiful looking nails in one convenient kit. Perfect for anyone who longs for naturally great looking hands and feet. Each of these items are top rated by customers from The Shopping Channel website, and the nail conditioner alone has sold over 3 million bottles worldwide - a true Canadian success story!

What it does:
This one-step solution for beautiful nails aids your fingers and toes by replenishing dry, cracked, peeling or brittle nails and cuticles. With proven results for over 20 years, this set is specially formulated to help restore nails and cuticles to a naturally healthy state.

What is included:

• 2 x T.I.P.S. Nail Conditioner (valued at $27.69 each)
• 1 x T.I.P.S. for Toes (valued at $25.95)
• 1 x ASK Revival Hand and Nail Cleanser (2oz) (valued at $8.50)
• 1 x ASK Revival Skin Conditioning Milk (2oz) (valued at $12.50)
• 1 x ASK Contour Nail File (valued at $12.95)


Soprano Bags are Back with the Pebble Leather Hobo Bag

Soprano Handbags is truly the realization of a Canadian dream for 4 young people who shared the same passion and love for high quality fashion. They are, and will forever be, proudly Canadian.
This show is full of 100% top grain leather items at fantastic prices to keep you fashionable and functional. Brand new designs, line-up and pricing throughout the show - new looks & colours for Fall!

Our Price: $169.99

Today’s Showstopper Price: $99.87

Easy Pay 4 x $24.97
The Soprano Pebble Leather Hobo with Braided Trim features beautiful details you’d expect from Soprano!
Polished chrome hardware, solid lining, matching colour stitching and luxury hardware and braided detailing, gives a HOT LOOK in handbags right now and is incredibly easy to wear thanks to the adjustable strap.
Both handles are extremely versatile and creates two completely different looks.

Available in beautiful colours which are perfect for fall, A 100% GENUINE TOP GRAIN LEATHER bag for under $100, you can’t go wrong!
Durable, lightweight and the leather is incredibly soft this bag was made exclusively for you!


Dimitri James is Back!

Intelligent, inspired, innovative skin care and cosmetics. Developed by celebrity stylist and makeup artist Dimitri James, SKINN Cosmetics are loaded with lush colour and powerful anti-aging properties that meet the highest of standards of beauty and salon professionals.

SKINN provides full strength multi-dimensional, high tech, nature based, aromatic skin care and colour treatments that offer you visible benefits. SKINN is in! Get your skin ready for fall with trusted products from SKINN and the must have pieces from this exciting Today’s Showstopper!

Our Price: $69.99

Today’s Showstopper: $49.85

Easy Pay 2 x $24.93
SKINN Cosmetics Dimitri’s Non-Negotiables 6 Piece Skin Care Collection is the ultimate combination of SKINN’s best selling treatments and customer favourites.

Each product in this collection has great online ratings and also has innovative, nature-based, full strength products. All of Dimitri’s must-have skin care items are in this one complete kit!  It has full sized items loaded with anti-aging properties that meet the highest professional and esthetician standards.

Sold separately, this collection retails for $186.00 and this configuration of SKINN products is only available at The Shopping Channel!


Mila Kunis Wears Twisted Hoops!

Rhonda Shear is Back with New Colours and a 6-Month Flare Magazine Subscription!

Rhonda Shear uses luxurious fabrics in fresh and innovative ways to give you supportive shapewear that creates a sensual silhouette. Her beautiful, red carpet-ready pieces are designed to provide a smooth appearance while helping lift, control and support problem areas such as the tummy, thighs, bust and buttocks. As Rhonda says… “Foundation is where fashion starts!”

Rhonda Shear’s designs focus on comfort and support without sacrificing femininity or style. She goes to great lengths to make sure her designs are wearable, beautiful, and fun by personally developing each style, choosing fabrics and colors women love and adding details that set her line apart from others. Look out for new and old items at great prices!

Our Price: $86.00

Today’s Showstopper Price: $46.73

Easy Pay: 2 x $23.37

Rhonda Shear Seamless “Ahh” Leisure Bra 4 Pack comes with a 6 Month Flare Subscription, a value of $6.50!

You will receive your first Flare issue as soon as possible after ordering. You will not be billed for the subscription; it is included with your purchase.

If you have an existing subscription to Flare magazine or if multiple subscriptions are entered due to multiple purchases, your subscription will be extended accordingly for the additional year (s).

Every issue, is filled with latest news, trends and buzz from the fashion and beauty world. Flare reports from the front rows and behind the scenes, to keep you on the cutting edge of style.

The Rhonda Shear Seamless “Ahh” Leisure Bra is completely seamless for a smooth look that shows no lines.

It provides ultimate comfort and piece of mind!Made with a 4-way STRETCH SEAMLESS FABRIC that comfortably moves with you.

This is Rhonda Shear’s best selling bra available in brand new colours, now with a hint of lace.

Great variety,  perfect for layering to create fashion looks and add extra support are only some of the reasons you should get this bra today!


All the Features you Need for the Workout you Want…at an Unbelievable Price

Today, as the biggest seller and manufacturer of fitness equipment in the world, ProForm continues that tradition of quality and innovation. Thanks to cutting-edge advances in cushioning, electronics and reliability, Proform treadmills have become the overwhelming choice of fitness enthusiasts throughout the world.

Staying in shape is easy when you’ve got the right equipment. Tune in for a variety of products which will fit into any lifestyle and help you stay healthy!

With the ProForm 6.0 ZT Treadmill you cannot find a better price, feature for feature on a treadmill of this quality!

Our Price: $649.00

Today’s Showstopper Price: $449.00

Easy Pay: 6 x $74.84

Includes an extended 3 year warranty - $150 value PLUS an extra Easy Pay and this ends up costing less than most 1 year gym memberships and will last for years.

The powerful 2.5 horsepower motor allows you to exercise for longer periods of time, while maintaining smooth, consistent operation.

Customize your workout with easy to use settings - 6 preset workouts: 3 for weight loss, 3 for performance and speeds up to 10 mph and up to 10% incline.

• EKG grip pulse sensor provides an accurate heart rate reading
• Coolaire workout fan keeps you from overheating
• Space saver design allows you to store it when it’s not in use

Perfect for those at any level of fitness! The Protech cushioned deck is designed to help reduce exercise induced pain and promotes a comfortable workout and has a 250lb capacity.


Pur Cosmetics - Purly a Wise Choice

Pur Minerals is one of the leading manufacturers, mineral-based makeup, skin care treatments and professional products. Pur Minerals performance based formulations are specially engineered with good-for-your-skin ingredients that offer exceptional quality and coverage all with multitasking features made to keep your beauty pur and simple.

A world of beauty is created with this line of high performance mineral-based products that nourish the skin, while helping to protect it from the harsh elements of the environment with natural SPF. The colours in this Today’s Showstopper are perfect for fall and ideal for creating a variety of gorgeous looks.

The Pur Minerals 10 Piece Purly Beautiful Collection is a complete collection which features two new products – Brow Duo Pencil AND Brow Fix!

Our Price: $129.95

Today’s Showstopper Price: $69.97

Easy Pay: 3 x $23.33

Contains everything you need from start to finish – cleanser, makeup and moisturizer!
Made with NATURAL ingredients which are actually good for your skin and is suitable for all skin types – won’t irritate the most sensitive skin.


The Diamond Show is Today’s Showstopper

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Get the designs of a lifetime with our fine selection of rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces which will compliment and uplift any collection.

The 10K Gold 0.30 ctw Diamond Ring in coloured diamonds are rare and a hot trend which can be seen on celebrities and fashion magazines!

Carrie Underwood’s yellow engagement ring

Available in gorgeous colours that will enrich any wardrobe!
A great value for a ring with .30 points of diamonds. Other rings with this quality of coloured diamond would easily retail for well over $500!

Our Price: $99.99

Today’s Showstopper Price: $289.96

Easy Pay: 6 x $48.33

Features an under-gallery which gives a comfortable and luxurious feel!
The gorgeous pave setting features a bold, smooth surface with lots of sparkle and brilliance.


Countdown to Christmas!

122 days from today

17 weeks +  3 days from today

2,928 hours from today

However you want to look at it, Christmas will be here before you know it! The Shopping Channel is getting a jump start on the festivites and helping you Countdown to Christmas.

On the 25th of every month until the big day, we’re helping you get a get started on your shopping list with great items!  You can also check out ANYTIME for thousands of great products for you, or that special someone on your list.