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The Shopping Channel Gets a Few Shout-Outs!

Check out some amazing reviews on some of our products available online at The Shopping

For Ojon Advance Volumizing shampoo and conditioner on
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For Nail Tek Hydration Therapy Colour 4 Pack in Sweetlife’s national email of their top 10 Favourite New Beauty Products.

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Bellapierre Launch and Contest

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Big things are happening here at The Shopping Channel. Today, we launch the simplistic makeup line, Bellapierre Cosmetics, who have a short list of ingredients in their Mineral Foundation - Mica to cover, Iron Oxides for color and Titanium and Zinc Oxide to give protection from the sun (SPF 15), and that is it! You will find no harmful fillers or additives in any of their products, like so many of their competitors have.

Whether you are a beginner or professional, you will find that Bellapierre is easily applied by anyone. There is no need to spend a lot of time putting on your make up because in a few simple steps you will be out the door with a flawless look that will last all day!

What about your skin type? Does it matter who you are or what skin texture you have? Bellapierre’s makeup contains no chemicals, FDC dyes, Bismuth or any other fillers which are the cause of most breakouts, and reactions. Many people who have very sensitive skin or who have had treatments such as chemical peels, lazer treatments have had great success when using their products.

And don’t skimp out on your moisturizer - Using a moisturizer is very important! Skin’s surface moisture needs to be replenished regularly. Using a proper moisturizer will make your skin soft and supple and it allows make up to adhere to skin more evenly. We recommend Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair, which is filled with anti-oxidants and protects you from the damaging effects of free radicals.

To remove Bellapierre, you will need more than just water to remove it at the end of the day. For cleansing, we recommend Juice Beauty’s Cleansing Milk. This soft textured creamy cleanser that gets deep in the pores and gently removes make-up, dirt and other impurities without depleting your skin’s own moisture. Ideal for all skin types, it can be either removed with a tissue or rinsed off!

That was all you needed to know about our new line of makeup! Watch today starting at 11:00am ET to learn even more about this exciting brand as well as tune in to catch their Blockbuster Offer, the Bellapierre Complete Face Kit, yours for only $44.95, a savings of $15.00!

**Also, don’t forget to find us on Facebook and answer our Bellapierre Question on our wall in order to win 1 in 5 beauty prize packs!

For a review of Bellapierre, check out for her take on the fabulous line!

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Smile a Little Bigger with AngelLift!

The company that brought you smoother crows feet and a less angrier-looking you has now bounced back with lip savers at The Shopping Channel - Angellift, with their lip enhancement device that is sure to take your frown and turn it upside down!

AngelLift has the most amazing technology that is surgical grade lifting strips to help get the appearance of fuller lips without permanent implants or chemicals. Perfect for women and men who wish to help get the appearance of a fuller lip, but the thought of being poked by a needle or coughing up hundreds of dollars are absolutely unacceptable.

Angellift Derma Lips are virtually invisible both in and out of your mouth, so you can wear them during any part of your day (when you are not conversing). With no downtime and no recovery, they can be used almost anywhere without people noticing, and is safe and easy to use. Yours today for an Introductory Price of $44.31!

How do you use them?

Moisturize your face prior to use with a deep penetrating moisturizer.
• Wash product before each use with an anti-plaque mouthwash.
• Wear under your upper lip along the gum line, just above your teeth.
• When you first start using this product, you should only wear them for a few minutes at a time to check for any gum irritation.
• As your mouth begins to adapt to the stripes as it would for any perioral device, the possibility will rapidly dissipate.
• Wear only one at a time.
• Optimally, you should work your way up to 30 minutes twice per day depending on the comfort level.
• The longer and more often you wear them, the more effectively they will work.
• Initially, most people find they need to use them regularly for three or four weeks, depending on the desired effects.
• After three to four weeks, the frequency of use can be adjusted to your own requirements.

Then, after 130 hours of use, toss them!

Before and After


Elizabeth Grant is back!

The queen of skincare is back for another fun-filled weekend made to give you the tools to look your best!

We’re getting you ready for summer with return favourites from Elizabeth Grant and some new items, too! A 2-day visit with lots of exciting products and offers each day: Saturday Biocollasis TS and Sunday Vitamin C Blockbuster. Each day of the visit also includes a different Purchase with Purchase. We are launching a new night care cream and new lip gloss kit.

Stay tuned to hear Elizabeth’s personal recommendation for your summer skin care regime, with all the must-haves you just can’t live without! You are getting full size serums PLUS travel size serums (and a bag) so you never have to be without either ever again.

Elizabeth is showcasing her Biocollasis Complex contains Elizabeth Grant’s EXCLUSIVE Torricelumn Serums, which is clinically proven to help increase dermal hydration to 100% within 4 weeks. Your skin will appear younger, healthier and more resilient.

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Brian Bailey Returns With His Spring Lineup!

Brain Bailey you steal our hearts with your fine craftsmanship.

Watch Brain this Saturday for his new Canadian spring styles with fantastic prints and colours!

Impeccable tailoring and feminine, flattering fits are hallmarks of Brian Bailey style. Eager to satisfy the needs of a range of women, Brian is the first Canadian designer to create collections in both regular and plus sizes. Brian’s endless energy means life outside the studio is busy. He is committed to working with up-and-coming designers; that’s landed him “the mentor” role on the Project Runway Canada series, as well as coming up with fantastic fashion ideas for hot new looks on The Shopping Channel.

See beautiful Princess Kate strut floral prints that are absolutely the trendiest this season. Brian Bailey has it spot on when he showcases this material and cut for your buying pleasure.

Watch Brian Saturday May 28th starting at 8:00am ET to see this dress along with other fantastic items so you can get wardrobe-ready to look your hottest this season!


Sew Creative! Sew Fun!

How many ways can you incorporate ’sew’ into a sentence?

We’re very excited to have Janome as our Today’s Showstopper for our Make It Yourself craft event! We teamed up with this industry leader to bring you an incredible offer, whether you are new to sewing or already an enthusiast, you will want to stay tuned to see what this machine can do!

Calling all Craft enthusiasts, do you love to Make It Yourself? Then you don’t want to miss shows today that are dedicated to making it yourself…We are so excited to bring you new and exciting craft products and tools, just for you! Stay tuned throughout the day for all things Crafts! Visit us online for even MORE craft ideas at The Shopping Channel website or come find us on Facebook and join in on the discussion and fun!

With the Janome Sewing Machine, no matter how beginner or professional you are, this is the last sewing machine you will ever have to buy.

It has Professional-Grade heavy-duty machine at an UNBEATABLE PRICE and is fully loaded with all of the features you need for any home décor or apparel projects. The Janome has a high-speed operation up to 820 stitches per minute and a full metal frame holds mechanisms in place for perfect alignment every time.You can only grab this model at The Shopping Channel in Canada for an exclusive limited time for only $399.96 or 6 Easy Pay payments if $66.66.


Sneak Peek: well balanced™ Launch

Taking a vitamin is a very important routine that should be incorporated into your daily life. I know many people shy away from the idea because they think “vitamins don’t do anything”, however that is not the case at all.

Many studies indicate that most diets, even healthy ones, fall well below the Recommended Dietary Allowance for many nutrients. Borage oil is harvested from the seed of a garden herb called borage, or starflower. Borage seed is the richest source of GLA, or gamma linolenic acid, found in nature, containing twice the GLA as evening primrose oil. Also in a two-year exercise trial, higher dietary calcium intakes were associated with weight loss.

Your doctor can help you figure out what you’re lacking, but if you generally feel sluggish or not bouncing back like you used to, try incorporating some vitamins into your diet so that you can be the best person you can be and maybe you’ll notice a difference!

Another big issue with vitamin complaints, is that for most to absorb, you must take them 2 times a day for a full effect. It’s not always ideal for busy people to remember to take their vitamins morning and night as there are enough daily routines that go on, on a day-to-day basis.

The good news is that The Shopping Channel is introducing well balanced™, a string of vitamins and minerals that will not only give you all that you need in a daily dose, but the pills come in handy portable sachets that will make it easy for you to grab and go with your perfect amount of pills. The pills are also time-releasing, so you only need to take them once a day, whenever you wish.

Friday May 27th,  well balanced™ is launching at The Shopping Channel with two different packs - A Daily Vitamin Pack for women under 50 and a Daily Vitamin Pack for women over 50, as different needs must be met as bone health, probiotics and other such important nutrients are needed when you pass that 50 year landmark.

This kit is available to you for $65.99 and you can put it on Auto Delivery so you never have to think about your vitamins again! The Shopping Channel and well balanced™ actually do all the work for you, making it that much easier to start living a healthier and more energetic lifestyle.

Watch May 27th starting at 9:00am ET


Today’s Showstopper - It Cosmetics

It Cosmetics™ launched in June 2008 and they infuse cutting edge medical grade anti-aging technology into truly innovative, high performance color cosmetics. Developed with leading plastic surgeons in Brazil, IT’s 35 + products are creating new categories in beauty innovation and efficacy.

In 2009, consumer response to the efficacy of Bye Bye Under Eye Vitamin K Treatment Concealer led to grass-roots word of mouth viral campaigns, record sales in retail partners, and several Editor’s Pick awards. This your alone, IT Cosmetics has been featured in 200 + media publications and Television features including the TODAY Show, Rachael Ray, Tyra, CBS Early Show, Extra!, Allure, Seventeen, People StyleWatch, WWD, and New Beauty. IT Cosmetics has also received the 2009 Redbook MVP Most Valuable Product of the Year Award and the 2009 Cosmetic Innovator of the Year Award.

Watch today starting at 12:00am ET for 2 NEW WORLDWIDE launches and 3 Award Winning Products: Bye Bye Under Eye, Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil and Bye Bye Lid Lines. This is the launch of the Anti Aging Eyeshadow Trio in Pretty in Plum and Dual “No Tug” Luxe Eyeshadow Brush.

It Cosmetics is only available with The Shopping Channel in Canada and today brings you an INCREDIBLE offer, as all the pieces sold separately are $125!

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Today’s Showstopper - DXG Luxe HD Camcorder

The DXG Luxe 1080p HD Camcorder is one of the smallest camcorders on the market with an ultra slim design – you will want to take it with you everywhere! It’s hip and hot and also up to date with technology, combining hi-def with FUN fashion designs and captures high-definition video AND digital stills up to 12MP.

The Shopping Channel has never offered a camcorder bundle like this before AND you can pick it up today for under $25 with Easy Pay! You get 2 memory cards (4GB PLUS a 2GB) and everything you need included in the box - HDMI cable, rechargeable battery & charger, case, software disc, and all while sporting the cutest fashion designs.

Pick up your DXG Luxe Ultra-Slim Camcorder today with a Showstopper Price of $149.44!

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Fabulous Fashion Trends under $50

After trolling multiple fashion websites, I came across Chatelaine’s Fabulous fashion and beauty finds for under $50. Knowing we here, at The Shopping Channel, can also give you some amazing ideas to get you savings, all the while still looking like the trendsetter we know you are, following the exact trends Chatelaine is showcasing!

Power player

Add some sophistication to your everyday look with a haute little handbag.

David Sigal Double Handle Belted Tote

Stylish Savings Price $29.87

Fierce feet

Walk on the wild side with these chic and comfortable Bos. and Co. Gladiator Flat sandals.

Stylish Savings Price $47.88

Ring pop

A statement ring is an easy way to work bold colours into your wardrobe.

Our Price: $34.86

The bright stuff

Score major style points by pairing vibrant colours with metallic details like these gold accessories.

Stylish Savings Price $28.00
Dazzling Deal $15.12

Hit the beach

Love the sun in style with these vintage-inspired frames with Joan Rivers Look of Couture Crystal Accent Sunglasses

Our Price: $39.85

Colour play

The ’70s are back, and bright eyeshadow is perfect for summer parties with Shiseido Satin Eye Color Trio

Our Price: $40.00

Fuss-free accessory

A pretty printed scarf finishes off any summer outfit.

Our Price: $22.66

Secret weapon

Good news: This lip colour lasts for hours. Bad news: You won’t need to show off its gorgeous case very often.

Our Price: $28.80
So there you have it - 8 fabulous pieces, all under $50.00 each, all the while being a fashion vixen!
Happy Shopping! xoxo