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Reach out and touch the Pandigital photo frame

The Pandigital PanTouch LCD Photo Frame is not just a photo frame. It offers Touch Sensor Technology. There is something convenient about being able to walk up to a photo frame and touch it to get to its onscreen menus!

It offers a complete storage solution with internal memory allowing you to store up to 3200 images. It features a 6-in-1 card reader for complete compatibility. It accepts SD/MMC/CF/MS/ MS Pro/ XD memory cards, allowing you to store photos, songs or videos.

You can also transfer your files easily from your memory card, camera or PC. It is also wireless and Bluetooth compatible. The speakers on board allow you to listen to a song while the photos are being shown or simply watch your home videos.


It also features a clock, calendar, and an alarm-clock, which makes it easy to place in any room whether in the home or the office. In calendar mode, the frame displays a reduced-size slide show in the top right corner.

When you buy from Pandigital, you are buying from the veterans of this category. You will be pleasantly surprised once you pop in a memory card and see the images, videos and hear the music coming from the speakers. Consider this product for a high-traffic area in your home. It’s wall mountable too!

Tune in to The Shopping Channel tomorrow when I’ll be presenting this digital frame, along with an incredible Today’s Showstopper from Pandigital!

Marianthe Mesbouris
Electronics Expert


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    My HALO charger’s 30 pin female USB adapter doesn’t fit with the port on my Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet. What can I do ??

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