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The Shopping Channel celebrates Diamonelle

We’re devoting the entire day to one of our most popular and celebrated jewellery collections - Diamonelle.

Our jewellery buyers have brought in over 75 brand new Diamonelle designs in gold, silver & paired with genuine gemstones and both Michael Valitutti and Lesley Young will be on hand to showcase each one to you.

Combining incredible designs, quality & value, it’s no surprise that we’ve been able to grow the Diamonelle brand yet again - introducing Pure Platinum Diamonelle. Tune in to The Shopping Channel or shop online to learn more about this brand new collection.

The Shopping Channel - Diamonelle The Shopping Channel - Diamonelle  The Shopping Channel - Diamonelle

Last chance to enter our Maxx New York Giveaway!

If you haven’t already, be sure to enter for your chance to win a gorgeous Maxx New York Italian Twill Satchel.

The IT bag for spring & summer, it’s big on both room and style. Perfect for the beach, day-tripping or shopping, you’ll love everything about this fab bag! Giveaway closes tomorrow, so enter now!

Enter to Win at The Shopping Channel



Avoid digital disaster with the ClickFree Backup device

If you are like me, you use your computer for everything: family pictures, songs, videos, letters, and emails. What do you do if your computer has a virus? What if it’s lost or stolen? You could lose everything on your computer.

Emergency phone call and emails come through on my computer regularly from people asking me to tell them about the “easiest” way to backup a hardrive. Previously, the term “backing up your hardrive” sounded scary, probably even intimidating, but not with the ClickFree Automatic Backup device. Everyone who owns a computer should also own a ClickFree unit. You will avoid a digital disaster by owning one.

When you open up the package you will see: 1. ClickFree Automatic Backup device. 2. USB cable. 3. Owner’s manual. Simply insert the USB cable to the top of the device and the other end into your computer’s available USB port. You can reference the owner’s manual for this, but when you get it out of the box, you will figure it out. The USB cable only plugs in one way into the device so you can’t make a mistake.

Once it’s connected, just wait for a few seconds and the process will begin. The ClickFree Automatic Backup device will begin to automatically find and copy all of your files. Yes, it’s that simple! It can backup up to 400 different file types such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPEG images, etc. The best part is that no computer knowledge is required. All you have to do it own one. No hassles, no worries. If you can put toaster in your toaster, you can backup your hardrive.

I suggest backing up your computer every two weeks. Again, just plug in the device and it will do all the work for you. Once you are finished backing up your hardrive, just unplug is and store it on a shelf.

It’s that easy!

Marianthe Mesbouris
Electronics Expert


Say good-bye to winter during our In the Garden event

Tune in or shop online at The Shopping Channel on today during our In the Garden Event. Our buying team has brought in amazingly innovative products to help get your garden growing, easily and efficiently.

NEW gardening products we’re showcasing today include:

Topsy Turvy Upside-Down Tomato Planter Tree
Topsy Turvy 

Earthbox Organic Garden Kit

Perennial Spring Favourites Collection

Shop our complete gardening & outdoor selection at



Canada’s own Ammonite in the news

Jewellery shoppers at The Shopping Channel have long known about the beauty of ammonite. Our Ammolite Gems (ammolite is the gemstone that is derived from ammonite fossils) is one of our most sought-after and collected jewellery lines.

Earlier this week, the National Post ran an article about how some brilliantly coloured ammonite fossils from Alberta will be showcased next month during Christie’s sale of natural history artifacts at its auction house in France. These fossils are expected to fetch a small fortune - one having already been valued at $135,000.


Lucky for you, if you’re charmed by the iridescent mix of hues found in ammonite, you can bring it home for a much smaller price tag with our Ammolite Gems collection:


Rhonda Shear’s ultimate lingerie faux-pas

The ultimate lingerie faux-pas? As you’ll hear in this back-stage interview, for The Shopping Channel TV Guest Rhonda Shear, it’s bra bulge and the dreaded visible panty line:

Catch Rhonda Shear, our fav lingerie queen, live on TV today. Shop her complete collection at

Celeb stylist David Babaii on how he got into the hair game

I caught up with TV Guest David Babaii during his visit The Shopping Channel last week. We chatted about how he stumbled into celebrity hairstyling and how he hooked up with actress Kate Hudson.


David Babaii for WildAid is available exclusively in Canada at The Shopping Channel. Check out his complete range at - affordable, natural haircare and styling products with a chunk of the proceeds going to wildlife conservation.

For Perlier, using botanical ingredients just makes “scents”

One of the things that sets Perlier apart from other bath & body lines is their incredible range of botanical-based “flavours”.  From white almond, to olive oil, to cucumber & mint, Perlier’s scents are a key component to the rejuvinating power of this line.

In this backstage video, Perlier spokeswoman Meg Flather chats about the unique characteristics of Perlier’s natural scents.

Shop our complete Perlier Natural Recipes selection at

Elizabeth Grant launches her Biocollasis Complex 5-Piece Set tomorrow

We’ve got exciting news! Tune in or shop online early tomorrow for the Elizabeth Grant Biocollasis Complex Today’s Showstopper.

This 5-Piece Set includes the Biocollasis Complex Advanced Cellular Day Cream, Night Cream, Eye Cream & more - all for an incredible one-day-only price.

Also new for Elizabeth’s weekend visit, her Biocollasis Complex 4 Piece Serum Set. For a limited time, we’re offering this potent kit for $69.99 (save $10).

You’ll receive the Advanced Cellular Age Defense Day Serum (30ml), the Advanced Cellular Age Defense Night Serum (30ml/1fl.oz), the Advanced Cellular Age Defense Eye Serum (15ml/.5fl.oz) and the Caviar Rejuvenating Double Serum (2×30ml/2×1fl.oz

Elizabeth Grant

Shop the complete Elizabeth Grant collection, including more special offers, at

We’re stepping into Spring with Bos & Co

We’re always excited to launch the newest collection from Bos & Co. Dean Bosco’s footwear combines modern designs with comfort, quality and affordability. And Dean does not disappoint today. He’s brought with him all the on-trend colours for Spring, in lots of different designs for any occasion.

 Bos & Co
Bos & Co Leather Mary Jane

The Shopping Channel
Bos & Co T-Strap Sandal

The Shopping Channel
Bos & Co Peep Toe Wedge

Shop the complete selection of Bos & Co Footwear at