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The Shoppies Awards - your last couple of days to vote!

Just reminder that tomorrow is your last day to vote for The Shopping Channel’s 2nd Annual Shoppies Awards.

Our winners are determined by you, our viewers. We have 7 categories to vote in, including Favourite Celebrity Guest, Favourite New Line and Favourity Specialty Program.

Voting is quick & easy. Take a couple of minutes to get behind your favourites! The Winners will be announced on Monday February 23rd.


Pants for $10, shoes for $15 - save up to 80% off on fashions & accessories

What better way to kick off your weekend than with The Shopping Channel’s Cool Fashion Deals event. If you haven’t hopped on to today yet, I suggest to click over there so as these end-of-season savings will not last long!

The Shopping Channel

A great way to build up your wardrobe for the current or the coming season. Great brands included: Brian Bailey, Bos & Co, Maxx New York, Guillaume and Cindy Ambuehl - just to name a few. And a mean a few - this is a huge blowout that you don’t want to miss.

So grab a quick cup of coffee and settle in for some shopping + saving at 

Show some love! The Shopping Channel makes it easy this year

We’ve taken the Valentine’s Day classics — a dozen long-stemmed red roses and chocolate truffles — and put them together for easy gift-giving. And just to make the treat even sweeter, we’ve added The Shopping Channel $20 Savings Card.

Use our Bill-To Ship-To feature to send this lovely duo to anyone in the country. Find this and more Valentine’s gift ideas at


The Shopping Channel launches Revolution Organics

Individually, Melissa Shabinksy and Alexandra Zanella have powered some of the most prestigious and innovative beauty brands. Together these Ottawa natives created Revolution Organics with the aim of changing the face of organic beauty.

Featuring 100% USDA certified organic ingredients (no small feat) and all-natural fragrances, Melissa & Alexandra’s goal was to create a line for those who want to make healthy, responsible choices as a consumer but who don’t want to forgo on the beauty experience.

I spent some time backstage with with these two smart & lovely ladies after their debut show this morning. In the below video they talk about their story, their product and the place they hold in the beauty industry.

 Shop the full range of Revolution Organics multi-taskers at

Cocopan Watches - New at The Shopping Channel

So I’m not quite sure how long I’ve been without my watch for. At some point over the last year or so the battery went and I just never made the effort to replace it and get it back on my wrist. Like many, I came to really on my Blackberry and my keeper of time.

But the truth is that, no matter how much I love my little Blackberry, it doesn’t really do much to in terms of accessorizing. Sure I can e-mail and Facebook from anywhere, but it ain’t pretty.

I think our brand new line of Cocopan Watches will be what finally gets me to buy a new watch. The designs are really unique and the prices (they start at only $34.97) are what we’re most excited about. And each style comes with a bonus puffy heart keychain charm (super cute on your handbag!) I may never glance at my Blackberry for the time again!

The styles I’ve got my eye on are:

Cocopan Crystal Accent Link Bracelet Watch
Cocopan Crystal Accent Link Bracelet Watch

Cocopan Carved Detail Bangle Watch
Cocopan Carved Detail Bangle Watch

Cocopan Crystal Bezel Bangle Watch
Cocopan Crystal Bezel Bangle Watch

TV Host Lisa Griffin hosted the 9am EST show and was raving not only about the designs, but the quality. If I know Lisa the way I do, I’m pretty sure she’ll be treating herself to a few - her watch collection already comes in at over 35 of them. 

Lisa’s “pick of the hour” was the style. She loved the rich look and it’s chunky bracelet style:

Cocopan Faux Dark Wood Oval Comfort Watch
Cocopan Faux Dark Wood Oval Comfort Watch

Shop the full assortment of the new Cocopan Watches collection at unavailable from 1AM - 7AM EST

Just a quick post to let you know that will be offline from 1:00am to 7:00am EST for scheduled maintenance.

You’ll still be able to catch the Today’s Showstopper video presentation here at midnight and can place your order via our toll-free phone number: 1-888-2020-888.

Thanks for your patience! Be sure to visit when we’re back online after 7:00am to shop from the debut of Cocopan Watches and new additions to our exclusive HomeSuite bed & bath collection - including the Today’s Showstopper.

The Shopping Channel launches Fullbar

I sat down with Fullbar creator, Dr. Michael Snyder, after his 2PM EST debut this afternoon (he’s back on the Shopping Channel now - so tune in if you can). We chatted about his experience as a bariatric surgeon (having performed over 1500 surgeries) and how his experience helping severely overweight patients inspired and influenced his creation of Fullbar.

The 180-calorie Fullbar is meant to take 30 minutes before a main meal, along with a glass of water. By the time your meal rolls around, you’ll eat less, feel full sooner and, ultimately, lose weight.

TV Host Tanya Yanaky hosted the 2PM debut and took the Fullbar for a taste test-drive last week. I asked her what she thought and she commented on it’s natural, mild flavour and the fact that she really did feel full after eating it.

You can shop for Fullbar at

Star gazing in West Hollywood, LA

Hello Everyone,

I am blogging from West Hollywood L.A. It’s my first time here and I’m loving it! The vibe of this place is incredible. The hills are beautiful and Hollywood Blvd. is something to see. I have several pictures I will share once I get back home.

I find it very funny that everyone looks at everyone because we’re looking for the celebrities. I’ve been to some fabulous restaurants; one in Malibu called Paradise Cove Beach Cafe, which was right on the water absolutely breathtaking and the food was out of this world. We sat by a window overlooking Malibu Beach surrounded by the B&W autographed photos of the hollywood stars who made this place a landmark.

We were also guest listed (so hollywood!) to a concert last night at the legendary Key Club. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. A combination of vaudeville meets the circus meets rock concert. After a big day, tonight we’re all just lounging, watching the SAG awards and perhaps a little hot tub before bed.

All the Best,



The Shopping Channel: Now Featuring the Federal Budget

Category: General

One of our great customers in Ottawa (thanks Anne!) forwarded this fun editorial cartoon in the Ottawa Sun on Saturday - let’s hope the Feds brings us a budget just like the products featured on The Shopping Channel: tons of value, unique and innovative solutions, and something everyone will enjoy!!! ;-)





A behind-the-scenes look at The Shopping Channel’s Elizabeth Grant birthday party

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, The Shopping Channel hosted an intimate get-together for some of Elizabeth Grant’s nearest and dearest. Below is some video that our production team put together from the event.

Thank you to everyone who have left such lovely birthday wishes for Elizabeth. We look forward to celebrating with all of you this weekend and sharing your messages with her. If you’d like to add yours, simply click on the comment link at the bottom of this post.