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Squeaky “Clean”

Clean: The name says it all! Who of us doesn’t love that squeaky clean feeling… Clean skin, clean white sheets, bright white garments blowing in the breeze on a summery washing line. These are the kinds of images evoked by the Clean range.

Of course, there are many different kinds of “clean” – there’s the uplifting tang of citrus (Shower Fresh), or the smell of your favourite t-shirt just out of the laundry (Fresh Laundry). Fragrances like Provence evoke the subtle mood of that beautiful region of France – lavender fields, blue skies and sweet delicate floral hues.

The unifying face of these scents is a subtle and embracing fragrance. These are not scents that hit you in the face, they gently caress your senses and your home. I’m especially hooked on Fresh Laundry with litsea cubebe, orange, sweet lime, pink grapefruit, passion lily, rose geranium and white musk..

No matter what the weather is doing outside, I can create the atmosphere of a Spring day when the windows are thrown open and everything is aired and uplifting, with shower gel or eau de parfum. Now, that’s a sensation we could all do with feeling more often!

Skin Care Tips For Men from Scott-Vincent Borba

Skin care visionary Scott-Vincent Borba shares two great tips for men’s skin care - glide on his Orbital Eye Rejuvinator after a late night at the office and use his Facial Cleanser for shaving.  I can attest to both, but am a particular fan of using the Facial Cleanser for shaving  - best, smoothest shaves I’ve ever had outside the barber shop!  Both of these products can be purchased for only $39 (today July 29th only for $34.96) plus Night Repair and Age Defying Concentrate (which I use as my aftershave) as part of his ”try me” or discover set.

Tune in or go online tomorrow and hear it all from the man himself - Scott-Vincent joins us live in studio to share almost two decades of skin care experience.


A Fantastic Welcome for bareMinerals!

July was a big milestone for Canadian fans of Bare Escentuals as we launched the fabulous bareMinerals line from Bare Escentuals here at The Shopping Channel.  In this exclusive behind the scenes video on-air guest Bravon from Bare Escentuals shares some amazing customer feedback.

Take the BBQ indoors

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I love where I live. It’s downtown, I’m surrounded by shops and pretty urban parks. But, of course, there’s a downside too: I live in a cute apartment, but there’s no balcony. Apart from a window box and the local park, my access to outdoor living is limited. Of course, I feel this most poignantly in the summer months, especially when I discern the faint aroma of a BBQ from one of the neighbouring homes.

But there’s no longer any need to feel left out. I was over the moon when I received the Sanyo Indoor BBQ Grill to test out. It’s salvation for those of us who crave that impossible-to-replicate BBQ flavour but lack the deck, patio or garden.

And while it’s perfect for apartment-dwellers like myself, it’s use is by no means limited to us. This is Canada after all, and despite global warming it still gets too cold to cook outdoors in the winter. So, long after those neighbouring homes have packed up their tool set, I’ll still be whipping up glazed baby back ribs on this little winner!

Being “on” even when you’re feeling “off”

You know, back in 1999 I actually started writing a book about my experiences at The Shopping Channel. I’m at about 30 pages so far, but it’s only been 9 years…… 

Earlier this month I launched a Sterling Diamonelle Today’s Showstopper with an on-air guest, Lesley Young. She is a jewellery specialist who appears several times a month for different jewellery lines and has done so for probably 10 years or more. I am mentioning this today because I am particularly proud of my friend Lesley after this recent experience I had with her.

As I am walking towards the jewellery set at 11:59pm, after having just finished an electronics show and grabbing a quick swig of my water bottle from on top of the Associate Producer’s desk, Lesley calls to me while looking at me with a somewhat tired, sad look on her face. She has been crying. This is not the normal greeting from Lesley, who is usually smiling with excitement in her voice and chomping at the bit to begin her show. She asks me if I have been reading the papers about “the boys” up north. I had no idea what she was talking about. 30 seconds to air-time, they tell me in my ear. Lesley quickly informs myself and Charlotte, who was modelling the jewellery that hour, that a very close friend of hers lost his 20-year old son in a terrible car accident in cottage country involving 4 young adults in a car that lost control, veered off the road and landed upside down in the water. As a parent, I can’t even imagine the shock. 10 seconds to air-time. I simply said to Lesley that I was terribly sorry and that sometimes work is the best distraction. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1……’you’re up Norm’. “JUST FOR YOU, THE SHOPPING CHANNEL BRINGS YOU TODAY’S SHOWSTOPPER………!!! And away we went, full of excitement and enthusiasm for the Diamonelle simulated diamond necklace, bracelet and earrings deal.

Lesley was informative and energetic for the entire show, even though I could clearly tell that her heart was not in to being “on” today. There have been many moments for all of us on the air when we have had personal tragedy or just angst going on in our lives and being cheerful is not an option we would ordinarily entertain. Les is a pro. And, she’s my friend. The show was a success, and it’s because of her.

Have a great day and make it count…


Norm Murray

$11,000 For a Cup of Coffee?

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Nothing like a great cup of coffee to start your day off with a smile - though thanks to The Shopping Channel you don’t need to spend $11,000 to get you that satisfying beverage in your own home.  Really interesting article here from the latest Wired magazine on the Clover, a coffee maker designed by Stanford University engineer graduates to make the perfect, customized cup of coffee. 

Even if we thought you might like to pick up one of these little marvels we can’t sell it to you - Starbucks liked the coffee it made so much they bought the whole company.  However, we do carry a great assortment of both affordable and top of the line coffee and cappuccino makers from Hamilton Beach, DeLonghi, Wolfgang Puck, Saeco, and Francis! Francis.

saeco cappuccino maker



Keeping Plants Alive During Your Summer Vacation

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We all love a nice long summer vacation, but sometimes your houseplants and garden plants bear the brunt of your time away - and while there are several self watering planters, you’ve always got a few plants and flowers around the home (both inside and out) that this solution is not quite right.  Here is the soloution - these fantastic looking water globes

The Shopping Channel\'s Water Globes

The Aqua Globes Hand Blown Glass Watering Bulbs waters plants perfectly for up to 2 weeks. The individually crafted hand blown glass makes these easy to use bulbs a treat for the eyes and the earth. Simply fill, press in and the bulb will water your plants. Use it for houseplants, hanging plants and patio plants. Your plants will absorb the water from the globes as needed. As soil becomes dry, it releases oxygen into the globe which in turn releases the exact amount of water you need. It’s a must-have for every greenthumb!

Insider tips with Scott Vincent Borba

Did you know that night-time is when your skin can lose the most moisture? Scott Vincent Borba of Borba shares his No. 1 tip of using the Borba Linen, Face & Body Reviving Mist Atomizer to protect against moisture loss and help you unwind with a relaxed and sweet fragrance. This truly is a beauty sleep!

Celebrating 10 years with Elizabeth Grant

We’re just gearing up for a fun and hopefully heart-warming tribute to a remarkable lady. As promotions manager at The Shopping Channel, I’ve worked with many guests over the years, but I’ve never met anyone quite like Elizabeth Grant. How do you possibly describe her? She’s warm, caring, inspirational and downright hilarious. For the past number of years, I’ve put together Elizabeth’s Birthday Celebration which includes a special phone line for her Torricelumn girls (and boys, there are a number of them out there) to call and wish her well. The response is always overwhelming. I’m not sure what it is, but there’s something about Elizabeth that just makes you want to tell her how much you love her.

I also so respect her because she’s always first in line to help out a worthy cause. She was there at the beginning of our Together, We Can Make A Difference fundraiser back in 2006 and was instrumental in building the program into the success it is today.

Did you catch her as she opened our big fundraising telethon on June 24?

Many around the office had remarked that they had a lump in their throat listening to her encourage her girls to step up and help in the fight. She truly spoke from the heart, unscripted and unrehearsed! And she sold through 600+ Surprise Boxes in a matter of minutes.

This weekend is shaping up to be a special visit, we’re capturing clips of our hosts recalling their favourite Elizabeth moments, we’re going to air a special tribute montage celebrating her life and career and at 3 pm ET on Saturday July 19, we’ll be presenting Elizabeth with a lifetime achievement award. Hope you’ll tune in!

Just in Time for The Dark Knight

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For all you Batman/The Dark Knight  fans out there (yup, I’m a big one!) very cool new Fathead wall graphic just listed - an almost six foot tall Batman wall sticker.  These Fathead wall graphics are amazing - you can apply to your wall easily, they look amazing and come off like a breeze.

Fathead Wall Graphic at The Shopping Channel

Check out the entire line of Fathead wall graphics including The Simpsons, Disney Properties like Hannah Montana,  High School Musical, Spiderman and tons of baseball and hockey sports team logos.