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Canadian designer Linda Lundström debuts on The Shopping Channel July 1st

Award-winning designer Linda Lundström is known for creating fabulous fashions for “authentic” women. Her philosophy that fashion is for every woman drives her vision, creativity and flair. How excited are we to be able to present this philosophy, and some really incredible clothing, to our customers on July 1st.

We visited Linda in her Toronto studio to learn a little bit about the lady behind the Linda Lundström label and to get her take on today’s fashion dos and don’ts. Read our Q&A Linda Lundström.

You can shop online now for the Linda Lundström collection. We especially love her Fresco and Flutter pants for summer.

Brian Bailey on the need for change

Sometimes, we get so used to what we see in the mirror we don’t notice what’s missing. In this video, top Canadian designer Brian Bailey breaks down the importance of stepping back and really surveying your reflection so that you can keep your style fresh, updated and figure-flattering.

Plump without needles

I used to be a lipgloss hoarder. I’d have many different hues and flavours, all one-third used, scattered in my medicine cabinet, drawers and purses. You know how it goes, the dispenser gets all gummed up. Crumbs from the bottom of your purse stick to the cap. And eventually you toss it in a moment of disgust.

This all ended when I tried Fusion Beauty Lip Fusion Micro Injected Collagen Lip Plump. I thought it would be just another lipgloss in my collection, but instead it replaced all the others. I’m hooked on the Fresh hue, a peachy-pink orange-flavoured gloss. It suits my pale skin and blue eyes perfectly.

And unlike other lip-glosses this is not one you lick off in 5 seconds flat.

But most of all it actually fulfills the real selling point of this range: It plumps out thin lips. We’re not talking Angelina Jolie lips here… the effect is more subtle than that. But it’s a definite improvement.

Miraculously (for me) I finished the first gloss and replaced it with the exact same one. It’s rare to find a product that you use so thoroughly and remain so committed to. So, I whole-heartedly recommend you clean all those old glosses out of the bottom of your purse and give your perfect hue a try.

Check out the full Lip Fusion range here.

Last Night’s Telethon Event - We DID Make a Difference!

A big thank you to everyone who shopped with us or bid in our auction during last night’s Make a Difference Telethon!

Canadian Cancer Society

It was truly exciting programming to watch. We watched one product after the next completely sell out, with all proceeds going directly to the Canadian Cancer Society. (We’re still doing a final tally - but looks like we raised over $80K in just two hours!)


Stay tuned, the winners of our blind auction wil be announced soon. Some lucky people are going to experience meeting Joan Rivers, Ojon’s Denis Simoni and our fabulous TV Hosts in person.

 In addition to thanking you, our customers, for your participation, we’d also like to send out a very big thank you to all our vendor sponsors who made the event possible: Elizabeth Grant, Himalayan Gems, Joan Rivers, Ojon, LG, Ionic Pro, Dyson, Bos & Co, Ammolite Gems, HP, Lock & Lock, Rogers Wireless, Temp-tations, Soprano, Bose, Acer, The SAK, Roomba and Royal Doulton.

Together, we definitely did make a difference!

The difference a brow makes

When it comes to the beauty industry, there are many people masquerading as experts. But, in Laura Geller’s case the term “expert” is not applied lightly. She’s been doing this for 25 years, so she knows more than a thing or two about beauty. Her mantra of “minimum makeup, optimum effect” is an appealing one to those of us who are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of products we’re expected to embrace.

She also knows that eyebrows are one of the most important features to lend definition to your face. Their shape and depth of colour can make or break your appearance. This is something Hollywood sirens have known forever - remember those sexy arched eyebrows of Hitchcock heroines?

As always, the key is to work with what you have, not try to cheat or fake it. But you can certainly enhance what you’ve got. First, careful tweezing can make a world of difference to unruly brows. But don’t go overboard! Next, taming those brows with a product like the dual-ended Laura Geller Brow Tint & Gel Tamer means the difference between diva and disaster.

Also, pale or thin eyebrows can be filled in using the other end of this product. I have thick brows but there’s one particular “bald” spot I like to address with this product. You don’t realize the difference it can make until you step back to survey the results. A beautiful brow can really take you from unruly to polished glamour like nothing else!

Our Telethon Is Going Amazing!

The Ojon experience bids are already up to over $1,000!  Lots of sell outs - If you’re watching or online don’t wait - host can barely finish the product description before the items sell out!

Tune in NOW for our Make a Difference Telethon

The Shopping Channel Make a Difference Telethon

The buzz around here is incredible right now as we have just kicked off our first-ever Make a Difference Telethon in support of the Canadian Cancer Society.

Be sure to tune in or jump online now place your bid in our blind auction for an amazing, once-in-lifetime experience with Joan Rivers, Ojon’s Denis Simoni or one of our very own TV Hosts.

Great programming, great product offers and a great cause all come tonight for one sure-to-be exciting two hour event.  Don’t miss it!

Aging gracefully made easy

Friends and family often turn to me when they’ve got a new shopping dilemma. I love a challenge so will exhaustively research their problem until I find the perfect solution.


The Shopping Channel\'s Elizabeth Grant

When my mother called a month ago to complain about her wrinkles I suggested she try Elizabeth Grant’s Torricelumn products. Like so many women worried about signs of aging, Mom was willing to try almost anything. And of course my track record of suggesting amazing products helped to convince her;)

A month later, my reputation is intact. The intensive treatment to helped Mom’s skin look younger, smoother, more luminous and firmer. And because it’s used as a booster, she has happily integrated it into her normal daily regimen.

It can be overwhelming to switch to a whole new product range in one fell swoop, but I suspect Mom will slowly convert to more products from the Elizabeth Grant collection. Either way, she has noticed a difference and hopefully she’ll remember who helped when my next birthday rolls around.

Our first-ever Make a Difference Telethon - Tuesday June 24th @ 9PM ET

The entire team at the Shopping Channel is counting down to our first-ever Make a Difference Telethon, in support of the Canadian Cancer Society. If you haven’t yet had a chance to participate in our Make a Difference fundraising event, tuning in to our Telethon will give you several exciting ways to donate and help make Cancer history.

Most exciting, is the once-in-a-lifetime experiences we will be auctioning off to the highest bidder! These experiences include a lunch date with the one-and-only Ms. Joan Rivers, a day of pampering for two at the Ojon headquarters and a backstage tour & lunch with one of our very own on-air hosts.

This two-hour event has been a year the making, and we are truly thrilled to be able to work closely with the Canadian Cancer Society on an ongoing basis.

The Shopping Channel's Make a Difference Telethon

A great night! Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life

HELLOOOOOOO!!  I can’t think of a more appropriate way to begin blogging than by telling you a bit about an event I had the distinct pleasure of emcee-ing earlier this month.

The Canadian Cancer Society ‘Relay For Life’ in Georgetown, Ontario at the Gellert Community Centre was certainly a highlight for me and a personal honour to be a part of!  51 teams of between 8-10 people walked the track around a soccer field, which had been turned into a sort of tent city for the night.  And, I do mean ‘for the night’.  7pm until 7am. Cancer survivors, volunteers, caregivers, sponsors and neighbours came together to help raise $101,207.28!!! I met many wonderful people, including Organizers Sue Scarfone and Lisa Benedikt.

 Norm at the Relay for Life event

The Shopping Channel hopes to beat our last year’s total of raising over $57,000 during this year’s 9-day fundraising event. It ends with a telethon and auction of once-in-a lifetime experiences this Tuesday from 9-11pm ET.  Together, We Can Make a Difference!

In the future, I hope to give you a bit of a behind-the-scenes look at our hosts, guests and general craziness that happens in the studio of our live TV environment.  Maybe even some ‘dirt’!  Truly, I have the most exciting job in the world!

Be well,
Shopping is Life
Norm Murray